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Welcome to the Ursinus Student Government Association website!  We hope you find this information useful.

The purpose of the Ursinus Student Government Association, or USGA, is to "foster student unity, establish better student-faculty and student-administration relationships, and coordinate student interests.  The Ursinus Student Government Association gives students a chance to be involved with and have influence on campus".  The USGA uses our presence to change college policy so that it is more student-friendly.  The main focus of USGA is to adjust college policy as the Ursinus student body sees fit.

USGA also informs the student body of incidents on campus.  These incidents are discussed during our Town Hall meetings.  To see more information on these meetings, including the scheduled meeting dates for the upcoming semester, please see our "Attending Meetings" section.

In addition to changing college policy, the USGA puts on several programs throughout the academic year.  USGA is responsible for the Welcome Back picnic, the Activities Fair, the Midnight Breakfasts, Oktoberfest, the crowning of Homecoming King and Queen, and a regional leadership conference held in March.

The Ursinus Student Government Association, or USGA, strives to serve the Ursinus student body.  To do this, USGA is guided by several different rules and regulations.  To view the rules USGA is guided by, download Our Constitution.

In addition, the USGA produces an annual Handbook which describes USGA policies and procedures.

If you have a college policy you would like to see changed, or an idea for a programming event, please email us at usga@ursinus.edu.  We hope to hear from you!

Paisley Hall, Room 049 u Ursinus College u Collegeville, PA

610-409-3304 u usga@ursinus.edu