Databases of Information and Resources

Ideas Portal Web Site

Created by the University of
Wisconsin as a Resource for
K-12 teachers
Contains 205 Science Lesson Plans. Tip: When you find a lesson plan you like click on the lesson plan name at the top to see the actual plan. The URL address will not take directly to the plan.

The Why Files?

Also created by University of
Information about a variety of science topics and disciplines. Information is presented in question answer format covering a lot of content material on the topic.

Merlot Learning

A higher education online depository of teaching materials Although this site is geared toward higher education there are some awesome simulations and interactive flash animations that could be used in the high school chemistry course. Here is one on the ideal gas law: that can be found in the Merlot database under chemistry.



Chemistry Websites

Chem 4 kids

One of 4 websites offered by Andrew Rader Studios (Chem4Kids, Physics 4kKds, Biology4Kids and Geography4Kids) This site offers concise and easily understandable explanations of chemistry topics such as reactions, acid/base relationships, stoichiometry and thermodynamics.

MadSci Network Chemistry Links

  A whole list of chemistry links compiled by the MadSci Network which is based out of the Washington University Medical School (MasSci Network)

Chemistry Learning Center

Virginia Tech
Chemistry Department
A helpful list of chemistry tutorial information provided as a online resource for general chemistry students. You will not be able to take quizzes.

The ChemTeam

  A comprehensive high school chemistry tutorial site

The Chemistry Coach

Bob Jacobs,
Wilton High School
Another tutorial site for high school chemistry. This one also contains quizzes.
History of Chemistry
  A site with links to biographies of chemists, important chemical papers and other links to the history of chemistry.
Relevant High School Chemistry Links
Also by Bob Jacobs from Wilton High School This site is the only one you will links to everything!



Teaching Resources

Links to a Better Education

Bob Jacobs
Wilton High School
A WIDE range of links on everything from learning styles, to taking tests to scientific writing.

Teacher "Learning" Resources

National Center for Teacher Learning Resources A site about teacher learning, not student learning. Some interesting insight into teaching and learning issues

Teachers First

Developed by the Network of
Instructional TV
A list of both curricular and professional development resources and even a list of recipes to share.

Librarian Links for Teachers

Joyce Church, a middle/high school librarian from NY A really well organized site of links for all areas of education and included curricular links, technology links, library resources, etc.