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Once you have found a lab that you want to do with your class the next step is to contact the appropriate Mobile Educator.  To save time we, have a scheduling sheet that will give us the information to schedule a visit.  When scheduling a lab, pull up the scheduling sheet, fill it in, and click on submit at the bottom of the form.  Once we get it, we will do our best to meet your needs.  Over the years we have been serving more and more schools and teachers.  To allow everyone more access to the program, we are asking teachers to schedule no more than two months in advance

It is important for the future funding of this program that we keep records of student contacts with Science in Motion Educators and equipment.  Please fill the appropriate feedback form from below and click on submit.

Important: Be sure to select the form for the correct Mobile Educator

Mobile Biology Educator- RON FAUST
Scheduling Form - for Ron
Feedback Form - for Ron

Ron Faust -


Mobile Chemistry/Physical Science Educator- AMY BEADLE

Scheduling Form - for Amy
Feedback Form - for Amy

Amy Beadle -