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 There are two Mobile Educators at Ursinus College a biology and a chemistry/physical sciences educator.  You will have to contact the right Mobile Educator to schedule a lab.  There are two alphabetical list below depending on which person you should contact.  Click on the lab below to get more information and to access lab sheets and other downloadable files.  If you are interested in a lab on a topic not listed below, contact the appropriate Mobile Educator.  Usually we can help you out.

Contact the Mobile Biology Educator for the following labs:

Cellular Respiration

Digital Microscopes

Dissections- Virtual

DNA Sequencing

Enzyme Lab (Catalase)


Evidence for Evolution

Faces (forensics)

Fingerprinting (forensics)

Gel Analysis (genetics/forensics)

Gel electrophoresis

Genetics-Virtual Fly Lab

Global Warming Complexity

Gram Stain

Hair Analysis (forensics)


Introduction to the Scientific Method (Brine Shrimp Lab)

Mitosis and the Cell Cycle



Physiology Labs

Rewiring the Brain

Sherlock Bones (forensics)

Whale Lab (genetics/forensics)

Contact the Mobile Chemistry/Physical Science Educator for the following labs:

Alternative energy (fuel cell cars)



Environmental Science

Gas Chromatography

General Chemistry

IR Spectrophotometry


Nuclear Chemistry


Physical Properties

Physics Labs

UV Spectrophotometry

VIS Spectrophotometry