Andrew H Clark

Class: Zeta

Major: Trolling

Year: 2011

About Andrew: I was born very young, in Lansdale PA since I wanted to be close to my

mother. Skip a few years and I entered Ursinus College in 2007 and pledged that spring

semester and I was initiated the following fall semester. I majored in Biology and never

got expelled.  I have been the Upsilon and Parliamentarian Theta while an undergrad.

I compiled and wrote most of the 2010 Delta Rho Dispatch which won runner-up to for

best newsletter even though I have personally yet to read it in its entirety. Some of my

fellow Phi Kaps have called me “the best Phi Kap ever” which I assume was not in jest.

I enjoyed my years as a Phi Kap at Ursinus and have never regretting making the decision

to join. I have regretted having Tim Kaub as a roommate and crashing my mom’s car into

my professor on the first day of summer vacation—oh wait that last part  is the storyline

of “Good Burger”.

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