Timothy Gibble

Class: Zeta

Major: Biology

Year: 2011

About Timothy:  HHHEEEEEYYYYYYY!!!  My name in Tim but I preferred to be called by my

nicky-name ‘TJ”! I am a Sagittarius and a (likely) graduating senior who majored in Biology. I

enjoy long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, short-shorts, YELLING, and having a very

opinioned response to everything. My favorite rush event as an undergraduate was the Good

Burger Rush :D. I have met many friends at Ursinus, but none of them are as close to me than

my fraternity brothers. I pledged my freshman year with the Zeta Class, a.k.a. the best class ever!

I learned sooo  much about my brothers and I learned to love them all.  My dislikes include:

pancakes, following Robert’s Rules of Order, laser pointers, and scabies. In case you don’t know

this, the Phi Kap I look up to the most is Charles Hare Hutchinson, but second to him I look up to

our current, and forever, Super-Alpha Andrew Clark. He is what all Phi Kaps aspire to be and

because of men like Clark. I also dislike writing bios and have no aspirations in my life.

- Dictated but not read, Andrew H. Clark


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