Thad Gregory

Class: Iota

Major: Business and Economics

Year: 2012

About Thad: Thad was born in Manhattan, New York and lived there until he was nine

years old when his parents decided to leave city life behind for the wonder and merriment

that is Montclair, New Jersey, which is where Thad and his parents reside today.  He is a

Business and Economics major with a possible minor in mandarin Chinese studies (if Ursinus

College decides to offer one). In his spare time, Thad frequently plays sports and loves to

watch them. As an avid fan of the Jets and Knicks, Thad rarely misses a game, whether in

person or on television. Other activities include but are not limited to: playing video games,

hanging out with friends, exploring new food, and creating amazing and moving PowerPoint presentations.

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