Russell Mach

Class: Kappa

Major: Psychology and Neuroscience

 Year: Fall 2015

About Russell: I am currently a senior studying psychology and neuroscience at Ursinus College, carrying alongside me a proud central Jersey pedigree. With diligence, patience, and a steadfast resolve, I hope to receive a psychological doctorate (Psy.D.) post-undergrad which I believe will be instrumental in seeing my dream clinical practice become a reality. I am particularly interested in psychopathology, development, and social psych. Outside of psychology and neuroscience, my interests are rather diverse. I am an avid watcher of sports and frequently play in pick-up basketball games. I also happen to be well-versed in all things concerning technology and video games. If given a fairly large window of leisure time, I would look to further cultivate my talents in photography, writing, and music 



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