Phillip Gianolio-Falk

Class: Mu

Major: Business and Economics

Year: 2016

About Phillip: My name is Phillip Gianolio-Falk, although you can call me Bob. I'm a business/economics major with a mathematics minor and possibly a computer science minor. I'm a member of the Ursinus College club volleyball team as a defensive specialist. I am an avid Dallas Cowboys fan and enjoy taunting my friends when the Cowboys win, but don't enjoy dealing with their week 17 struggles season after season. I hail from Highland Park, New Jersey, right across the bridge from the Gamma Sigma chapter. If I haven't beat you in fantasy football yet something is wrong. During the summer I enjoy hiking various trails in the tri-state area with some of my best friends from back home. A quick word of advice for all reading this bio. If you take me seriously you're going to have a bad time. Peace, love and 2 chainz.


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