Mike Duffield

Class: Eta

Major: Neuroscience and Psychology

Year: 2012

About Mike:  I'm from Richboro, PA. On campus I live in Omwake 201. My favorite sport is hockey. I watch, I play, I pretty much live and breathe hockey. My favorite team is and will always be the Flyers. I play for Krunchy Tunes at 422 Sportsplex in Pottstown and I used to play for Ursinus when our team still existed. However, restarting the club is in the works! I'm also the Co-President of Active Minds and Treasurer of Brownback Anders Pre-Medical Society. I'm a Neuroscience and Psychology double major and I plan on going to graduate school for Pharmacology. My goal is to end up working in Research & Development after I get my PhD.

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