Kale Drost

Class: Lambda

Major: Chemistry

 Year: 2015

About Kale: I am Kale. Yeah... Like the vegetable. I have a brother Cody who I am very close with and I like to hang out with him and my 6 other best friends from back home in Frederick PA. It's a little town about twenty-five minutes away from Collegeville. I'm majoring in chemistry because I like to play with fire and make pretty colors. I'm also minoring in theater and psychology because I love to act and if chemistry doesn't work out for me I want to be a hypnotherapist, or a stage hypnotist. Yes I can do hypnosis, yes it is real. I joined the Phi Kaps my sophomore year as the Beta of our Lambda class, and I couldn't have asked for a better group of guys to have joined with. After college my plan is to get into graduate school for chemistry, and then see where life takes me.



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