Benjamin Mooney

Class: Lambda

Major: Biology

Year: 2014

About Benjamin: Ben hails from the proud city of Brick, New Jersey, which is conveniently located near the Jersey Shore [please refrain from asking him if he saw Snooki]. He is on his way to completing his biology major and teacher certification, and aims to teach middle or high school students in either the public school system or in private schools in his area. Ben is quite the audiophile, as he seems to possess knowledge about a wide variety of music genres. Perhaps he knows too much about the subject. He also appreciates the arts and literature, and hopes to have some of his own written works published in his lifetime. His deepest passion, however, is trivia and random information, and armed with his skill to regurgitate pointless factoids, he wishes to conquer America’s Favorite TV Quiz Show, Jeopardy! Coming soon to a TV near you.


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