Andrew Capone

Class: Mu

Major: History

Year: 2016

About Andrew: Drew was born and raised in Bear, Delaware. Where? Exactly. He is technically a History major but is really getting his Social Studies Certification for secondary school teaching. Drew has always been interested in the non-sciences because they were not too kind to him in high school. You can generally find him studying in the wee hours of the morning writing numerous papers. Drew hopes to become a history teacher/professor, however he is very open to other opportunities in various other fields of awesome things. Drew enjoys listening to music, playing music, and hanging out with the fine brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma. Drew can also do a wide variety of voice impressions, so if you ever want to hear some, stop me sometime to say hello! Drew also tends to go on tangents and ramble for minutes on end, so if you are still reading this and following following along, then you get a gold star and/or a high five.



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