Hello, welcome to my HOME PAGE. Here you will find different materials related to the French language and culture. Russian art and language is another important element of this page.

Russian Art gallery contains pictures by famous and less known russian artists, mainly from 19-20th century.

Are you interested in Russian culture? Then visit Pushkin's Page.

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What my students in French elem.101 should know about the course - Course description, requirements and Syllabus for the Fall 1999 Semester


This is the place where you can find some famous paintings to admire (to judge) and to describe! Each time I direct you to visit the gallery, you'll have to 'bring' something out of this visit, (but not the paintings ).
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From this searchable index you can visit many famous Museums and Galleries.

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Of course, during our classes and on INTERNET. You will find necessary information for each lesson on my Homepage.

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Bilibin's Art

You can jump from here to my Russian Page. Sorry, but most of Materials and Explanations there, are in a real Russian. But you can, of course, view a COLLECTION of RUSSIAN PAINTINGS without knowledge of one of the most difficult languages. Just press this buttonRussian Art

Here you can find WEB LINKS to some interesting sites presenting THE RUSSIAN LITERATURE, MUSIC AND HUMOR(anecdotes in russian; many are non-censored.):

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