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Introducing CERME’s Thematic Working Group 12 – History in Mathematics Education, ERME Column (R. Chorlay, J. Cooper) Newsletter of the European Mathematical Society, June 2018

Beating the Lecture-Textbook Trap with Active Learning and Rewards for All, Notices of the AMS, September 2017

Tools of American Mathematics Teaching, 1800-2000, Tools of American Mathematics Teaching 1800-2000 Facebook page

Old Texts, New Ways of Teaching Math, Ursinus College Magazine, June 2016

NSF project adds historical sources into NMSU math classes, NMSU News Center, June 2016

Professor secures funding to incorporate history into math with new program, CSU-Pueblo Today, September 2015

CWU Math Professor Awarded $1.5 Million Grant for Innovative TRIUMPHS Program, CWU News, September 2015

Old texts inspire new thinking about teaching math, Seattle Times Education Lab, August 2015

Using Primary Source Projects to Teach Mathematics, AMS Blogs On Teaching and Learning Mathematics, June 2015

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