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Math Models & Differential Equations

Math 310.A

Analytics - Math Methods for Business Intelligence  

Math 452.A

Special Topics




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Math 310.A – Math Models & Differential Equations:   TuTh 1:30-2:45,   in PFA 012

cache348055Homework                    cache348055Syllabus                cache348055Tips for Successful Math Study.       


cache348055Tips for Problem-solving           cache348055Guide to Projects         cache348055Guide to Presentations

cache348055 Chapters’ Overview:  Chapter1 || chapter2 || chapter 3 || chapter 4 || chapter 5   || chapter 6.

cache348055 Companion Site:  This interactive site provides teaching and learning resources you can use to get the most from your course

cache348055The Boston University Differential Equations Project Site: This site provides teaching and learning resources by the authors of the textbook.

cache348055Selected Animations (QuickTime format): Animations by Professor Devaney used in the Boston University Differential Equations course.

cache348055 ODE software from Rice University. This does the same sort of direction field and phase portrait plots as Maple and the CD, but in a Java applet. So you can run it from any computer with a web browser and Java.

cache348055Accessing Software (Maple)   ; not installed in your laptop. Maple is not required for this course, but it is available in case you want to experiment       Differential Equations with Maple.

cache348055Maple commands to plot and solve Differential Equations: Soon!

cache348055Practice Exams (pdf-files):

- Practice Test 1  ||
-Fall 2002: test 1 || test 3 || test 4

-Others:  Test 1 ||   Test 2A , Test 2 B ||  Test 3A , Test 3B || 

cache348055Solution of this semester's Exams:  || solution of Test 1 ||   solution of Test 2 ||   Solution of Test 3 || 

cache348055Useful links:

· S.O.S Math:      Cyber Course ,      Cyber Exam ,      Tables ,      Techniques of Integration.

·  "ODE phase plane plotter" (Java-applets), by Scott Herod

·  "ODE Phase Portraits 1.1" by Richard Mansfield and Frits Beukers;
                        If you use it for first order DEQs, x is the independent variable; y is the dependent variable: Set x '=1.

·  Diff.Equ. Toolkit (by Steven Tschantz).

 Several tools are available to perform specialized calculations e.g. solving some D.E., Laplace transform., etc... immediately through the World Wide Web.

·  Calculus Toolkit (by Steven Tschantz).

Several tools are available to perform specialized calculations e.g. find the derivatives, the equation of the tangent line, partial fractions, etc... immediately through the World Wide Web.

· The original Tacoma Narrows Bridge: the movie,  the webpage.

·  Help on Mathematica

· Graphing Calculators TI-85 / 86 Activities for Differential Equations,   Other TI-??


· More links and help : Click here



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Math 452.A – Analytics Math Methods Math (for Business Intelligence) – 11:30-12:45 in PFA 106

 Homework           Syllabus    

Tips for Successful Independent Research.      Tips for Successful presentation.





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