Presentationís guidelines for math 311W


You will have at most 10 minutes to give the solution of one of the selected problems or questions for presentation (see the homework webpage). It is important to be able to indicate the entire solution in that time period. Please emphasize the main points in the solution. During the presentation, either I or other classmates will be free to ask numerous questions. It is most important that you will be able to answer such queries quickly and accurately. You may distribute a hand-out for the class in order to aid your presentation. The hand-out may contain definitions and theorems that you will be using as well as an outline of your presentation.


Your grade will depend not only on the effort to find an accurate solution of the indicated problem but also your mastery of its details and the associated theoretical context.


Approximately, two presentations will be scheduled in a given week, and you are expected to give a minimum of two presentations during the semester!


Please do not hesitate to contact me for help with your presentation and/or if you wish to present one of the selected problems.