World Literature 102
Section B
Topics in Comparative Literature:
Native American, African, African-American,
and Spanish-American Cultures

Dr. Marcia Clouser, Olin 3??, ext. 2230 
Office Hours: MWF 10-11
  Summer 1998
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"The Strategy," by 
Wayne Wildcat 
Lawrence, Kansas 
Yuchee Nation, 
Native American artist 

The famous generals of the Civil War meet to plan strategy in fighting the Native American nations. On the wall hang portraits of Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, both Indian fighters before their presidencies. The skeletons of the bison and the man at the center of the painting embody the nature of the "strategy" the leaders adopted.


Among the authors we will read are: 

Sherman Alexie, a young Spokane and Coeur d'Alene writer and winner of an American Book Award in 1996.
Chinua Achebe of Nigeria.