PHYS212 : Reading Assignments

Reading for 4/21

Transitions and Radiation, Selection Rules

Lecture Section 7.7

Note: We haven't covered the operator algebra solution to the 1D harmonic oscillator, so the examples given in Sections 7.7.2 and 7.7.4 will be hard to follow. We'll consider the infinite square well instead.

Reading Questions

  1. Eq. 7.141 indicates that we only need to know the value of the frequency distribution of the electromagnetic field at the transition frequency $\omega_o$ - the rest of the energy spectrum doesn't matter. Why not? (Are you convinced?)

  2. What integral do you need to do to determine whether the first excited state of the infinite square well can make an E1 transition to the ground state? Use a symmetry argument (about the center of the well) to determine whether the integral is zero or not (no actual integration allowed).


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