California State University Bakersfield,  Jennifer VanGilder


Department of Applied Economics
Curriculum Vita


BE 100:  Global Economics

Class Description:

An introduction to why nations trade, the extend of that trade and how trade affects nations.  An overview of demand and supply is given with special emphaisis on macroeconmic policy, income inequality, the environment and culture.  In addition, an examination of how exchange rates, foreign direct investment and labor migration affect economies.

BE 211:  Managerial Economics

Course Description:

The study of the economic behavior of consumers, firms, and managers.  Optimal resource usage for corporations, not-for-profit organizastions and government agencies is discussed.  Topics also include market analysis, pricing decisions, forcasting and risk analysis. 

Prerequisites:  BE 100, 140.  Math 105 or 111, or Math 107 and 108

BE/ENV 213:  Economics of Environment and Natural Resources

Course Description: 

Economic anslysis is used to inform, analyze, evaluate current environmental; and naturl resource prolicy decisions.  Analyses of environmental problems use cost-benefit or efficiency criteria.  Topics include externalitites, public goods, common property rights, and sustainability

Prerequisite:  BE 100

BE 110:  Race and Gender in the American Economy

Course Description:

The study of issues of race and gender in the U.S. economy.  Issues include occupational segregation, wage differentials, educaitonal attainment, affirmative action, and labor market discrimination.

BE 312:  Labor Economics

Course Description:

A theoretical and empirical study of the functioning of labor markets, with emphasis on employment and compensation determination as affected by worker and firm characteristics, public policy, and worker organizations.

Prerequisite:  BE 211