a; aa, adv., always, continually, forever

a, ab, abs, Latin prep. with ablative, by, from, out of, away from

abhominatio, -onis, Latin, f., abhomination

abundo, -are, Latin, to overflow, to grow in abundance

ac, conj., but, nevertheless, however

æfre, adv., ever, always, yet

æfter, I. prep. w. dat. after, according to; II. adv., after, afterwards, since

ænig, adj., any, any one

ær, adv., before, previously, formerly

ætgædere, adv., together

ætsacan, 6, intrans., deny

afyllan, W 1, trans., I. strike down, overthrow, slay; II. fill

agan, pret. pres. trans., I. have, own; II. must, ought, may

agan, adv., intrans., pass

agen, adj., own

aginnan, 3, intrans., begin

aht, I. pron., aught, (adverbially) at all; II. adv., at all

ahwar, ahwær, adv., anywhere, at any time, ever

amen, amen

an, adj., one, alone

and, conj., and

annus, -i, Latin, m., a year

anrædlice, adv., resolutely, steadfastly, constantly

Antecrist, antecrist, pr. n., Antichrist

apostol, m., apostle

ascian, W 2, trans., ask

asecgan, W 3, trans., tell, declare, explain

aspringan, 3, intrans., spring up, originate, be born

awacian, W 2, intrans., fall away, weaken, lapse

awritan, 1, trans., write, transcribe, copy out

bearn, n., child, son

bend, m., fetter, bond

beon, to be,

beorgan, 3, intrans., I. guard against; II. protect, spare

bepæcan, W 1, trans., deceive, cheat

besencan, W 1, trans., I. plunge; II. drown

beswican, 2, trans., deceive, beguile, seduce, lead astray

betst, adj., superl. of god, best

betweonan, prep. w. dat., between, among

biscop, bisceop, m., bishop

bið, 3rd person singular of beon, is

blis, f., bliss, joy, merriment

blodgyte, m., bloodshed

boclar, f., learning

bot, f., help, relief, penance, penitence, advantage

brædan, W 1, trans. and intrans., spread, extend; grow, increase

bregean, W 1, trans., terrify

broðor, m., brother

bryne, m., fire, flame

butan, conj., except, except that, unless, but

caritas, -atis, Latin, f., love, affection

cild, n., child, youth

clacu, f., contention, strife

colian, W 2, intrans., grow cold

condo, -dere, -didi, -ditum, Latin, to build, to found

consummatio, -onis, Latin, f., finishing, ending, completion

cræft, m., I. cunning, craft, evil power; II. virtue; III. skill, artistry, trade

creatio, Latin, creation

crist, pr. n., Christ

cristen, adj. or m. nom. sb., Christian

cum, Latin prep. with ablative, with, when

cuman, 4, intrans., come

cunnan, pret. pres., trans., know, understand, know how to, be able to

cweðan, 5, trans., say, declare, proclaim

cynn, n., race, people, tribe, kind, species

cyðan, W 1, trans., make known, proclaim, show

dæg, m., day

de, Latin prep. with ablative, about, concerning, following from, according to

deoflic, adj., belonging to the devil, devilish, diabolical

deoflice, adv., devilishly

deofol, mn., devil, demon, Satan

derian, W 2 w. dat., hurt, injure

desolatus, -a, -um, Latin, forsaken, desolate

deus, Latin, m., God, a god

dico, dicere, dixi, dictum, Latin, to say, speak, tell

dies, -ei, Latin, m., day

discipulus, Latin, m., disciple

dom, m., judgment, decree, decision, law, (Last) Judgment

don, anomolous v. trans. and intrans., perform, act, do, come to pass, put to use

drefan, W 1, trans., stir up, agitate

drihten, m., lord, the Lord

drycræft, m., magic, sorcery

eac, adv., also, moreover

eala, interj., O

eall, pron. and adj., all, every, every one, everything

ealles, adv., all, altogether, entirely, quite

ealswa, adv., as, just as, even as

earfoðnes, f., hardship, difficulty

earmlic, adj., wretched, miserable, pitiable

earmlice, adv., miserably

ece, adj., eternal, everlasting

edlean, n., reward

eft, adv., then, again, afterwards

ege, m., fear

egeslic, adj., awful, dreadful, horrible; egeslicesta, superlative, worst, most awful

egeslice, adv., awfully, dreadfully, horribly

ehtnes, ehtnyss, f., persecution

eis, Latin, dative plural personal pronoun, them

elias, pr. n., Elias

elles, adv., else, otherwise, beside

ende, m., end, conclusion

endemes, adv., at the same time

endenyhst, adj., last

englisc, adj., English, the English language

enim, Latin, conj., indeed, truly, certainly

enoh, pr. n., Enoch

eorðe, f., earth, world

et, &, Latin, conj., and; & is also used for the syllable et in Latin words

facn, n., fraud, evil

fæder, m., father

fær, m., calamity, sudden danger, peril, sudden attack

fandian, W 2 w. gen., tempt, try, test, prove

fedan, W 1, trans., feed, nourish, bring up, support

fela, sb. and adj.,(indecl., usu. w. gen.), much, many

felafeald, adj., manifold

feond, m., enemy, fiend, devil

feorðehealf, num. adj., three and a half

ficol, adj., fickle

fio, fieri, factus sum, Latin, to be made, come into existence

folc, n., folk, people, nation

for, prep. w. dat., for, because of, for the sake of, as regards, before, in the presence of

foran (with to), prep. w. dat., adv., before, in advance

fordon, anomolous v., trans., destroy

forscyldgod, pp. guilty

forsecgan, W 3, trans., tell, foretell, prophesy

forspanan, 6, trans., seduce, entice

forð, adv., forth, henceforth, far, continually

forðam, conj., for, because

forwurðan, 3, intrans., perish

forwyrcan, W 1, trans., I. sin; II. undo, ruin; III. forfeit

forwyrd, n., ruin, destruction, death, perdition

frecenlic, adj., terrible, perilous

fremde, adj., strange, foreign (sb., stranger, foreigner)

frofer, m., comfort, solace, help

fyligean, W 3, intrans. and trans., follow, observe, indulge in

fylstan, W 1, intrans., aid, support, protect

gast, m., I. spirit, soul, (holy or evil) spirit; II. (with halig) Holy Ghost

gear, m.n., year

gebeorgian, 3, intrans., protect, secure, preserve

gebeorh, n., protection

geberan, 4, trans., bear, bring forth

gebetan, W 1, trans., I. atone for, make amends for, repent of; II. remove; III. head

gebidan, 1, I. intrans. experience, endure, suffer; II. trans. and intrans., look for, expect, await

gebringan, W 1, trans., bring, lead

gebugan, 2, intrans., (usu. with to or from) turn, incline, submit

gebyrd, f. or n., birth, parentage

gecnawan, 4, trans., know, understand, perceive, recognize

gecoren, adj., dear, beloved, precious, fit

gedrecednes, f. affliction, tribulation

gedwimer, n., illusion, necromantic

gedwyld, n., error, heresy, folly

geendung, f., end, ending

gefyrn, adv., of old, long ago

gegenge, n., company, troop

gehealdan, 7, trans., keep, observe, hold, consider, maintain, protect

gehelpan, 3, intrans., help, preserve

gehende, prep. w. dat. or adv., near, at hand

geleafa, m., belief, faith

gelic, adj., like, equal

gelome, adv., often, frequently, continually

gelyfan, W 1, trans. and intrans., believe

gemang, n., multitude (on gemang, in the midst of )

gemartrian, W 2, trans., martyr

gemencgan, W 1, trans., mix

geo, iu, adv., once, formerly, of old

georne, adv., willingly, eagerly, zealously, earnestly, surely, carefully, well

geornlice, adv., willingly, eagerly, zealously, earnestly, carefully, diligently

gescyrtan, W 1, trans., shorten, cut short

gesælig, adj., happy, fortunate, blessed

geseon, 5, trans. and intrans., see

gesawenlic, adj., visible

gesibb, adj., related, akin (kinsman)

getrywð, f., pledge, covenant, faith

geðafian, W 2, trans., permit, suffer

geweorðan, 3, intrans., be, become, happen, come to pass

gewitegian, W 2, trans., prophesy

gewurðan, 3, intrans., happen, occur, be fitting for

gewyrht, fn., work, deed

god, m., God, a god

godcundnes, f., divine nature, godhead, deity

godspel, n., gospel

gylpgeorn, adj., vainglorious

gif, gyf, conj., if

grund, m., I. pit, abyss; II. ground, bottom

gyt, adv., yet, still, again

habban, W 3, trans., have, possess, keep

halig, adj., holy (sb. pl., saints)

he, masc. pron., he

healdan, 7, trans., keep, hold, observe, retain, protest, treat

heardlice, adv., severely, harshly, austerely

hefegian, W 2, intrans., oppress

hell, f., hell

help, mf., help, succor

heofonlic, adj., heavenly

heom, dative pronoun, him, them

heonanforð, adv., henceforth

heora, fem. genitive pronoun, her

heortgryre, m., terror of heart

here, m., war, army, host

hete, m., hate, malignity, hostility

him, masc. accusative pronoun, him; dative plural pronoun, them

hine, accusative sing. of he, him

his, masc. genitive pronoun, his, its

hit, neut. pronoun, it

hiw, n., I. form, appearance; II. hue, color

hlystan, W 1, intrans., hear, listen, attend to

hol, n., slander

hu, adv., how

hund, num., sb. and adj., hundred

hungor, m., hunger, famine

huru, adv., at least, especially, surely

hwil, f., while, time

hwilum, adv., sometimes, once, again; hwilum...hwilum, now...now, at one time...at another

hwylc, I. adj., any, what, whatever (with swa...swa); II. pron., any, some, whichever, what, which

hy, hi, hie, plural pronoun, they, them

hyrwan, W 1, trans., condemn, deride, vilify, blaspheme

iesus, Jesus

ille, illa, illud, Latin, demonstrative pronoun, that

in, prep. with accusative, in, into, against

iniquitas, -tatis, Latin, f., injustice, iniquity

initium, -i, Latin, n., beginning

interrogo, -are, Latin, to ask, question, interrogate

is, 3rd person singular of wesan, is

la, interj., lo, behold, oh, indeed

lætan, 7, trans., let, allow, leave, give up, cause, have done, think, consider, conduct oneself

laga, m., law

lar, f., teaching, doctrine, learning, precept, exhortation

lean, W 1, trans., censure, despise

leng, comp. of lang, longer

leof, adj., dear, beloved, pleasing, acceptable

leogan, 2, intrans., lie, deceive

lichama, m., body, corpse

lif, n., life

lifdæg, m., days of life, lifetime

lotwrenc, m., artifice, deception

lufian, W 2, trans., love

lufu, -e, f., love

ma, (indecl.), n., more

ma, adv., more, hereafter

mægn, n., might, power, multitude, army, virtue

mænig, adj., many, many a

mænigfeald, adj., manifold, numerous

mæst, adj., superlative of micel, most

magan, pret. pres., trans., can, be able to, may

man, m., man, human being, person; pl., mankind, men

man, n., evil, wickedness

mancyn, n., mankind

manswica, m., traitor

mennisc, adj., human, mortal

mid, prep. w. dat., acc., instru., with, together with, in company with, by means of, by, because of, among

miht, f., might, power, ability

mille, Latin, numeral, one thousand

mistlic, adj., manifold, various, varied

mona, m., moon

motan, pres. pret., intrans., may, must, be permitted

multus, -a, -um, Latin, adj., much, many

micel, mycel, adj., great, much, mighty, dreadful

myrhð, f., joy, bliss

na, adv., not at all, never, by no means

næfre, adv., never

ne, conj., neither, nor

neadunga, adv., forcibly

nealæcan, W 1, intrans., approach

nellan, ne willan, will not

neque, Latin, not, and not

nis, ne is, is not

non, Latin, adv., not

nu, adv., now

nunc, Latin, adv., now, at present

nutrio, -ire, Latin, to suckle, nourish, bring up

nydan, W 1, trans., I. (with ut) drive out; II. force, compel

nyde, adv., needs

ofer, prep. w. acc. or dat. over, beyond, above, among, throughout, upon, contrary to

ofergrædig, adj., too covetous

oferlice, adv., excessively

oft, adv., often, frequently

on, prep. w. dat. or acc., on, upon, in, within, into, among, during, at, about, for, according to

ongean, prep. w. acc. or dat., against, contrary to, in opposition to, in exchange for, towards

openlice, adv., openly, manifestly, publicly, freely

, prep. w. acc., until, up to, as far as

oðer, pron., other, another, one of two, the rest of, the second, the next

oððe, conj., or (oððe...oððe, either...or)

oððon, conj., or (oððon...oððon, either...or)

paulus (Sanctus, Scs), pr. n., Paul

pinian, W 2, trans., torment, torture

post, Latin, adv. and prep., after, behind

pregnans, -antis, Latin, pregnant

quam, Latin, adv., how, in what way, as

quoniam, Latin, conj., since, because, seeing that, whereas

rabbian, W 2, intrans., rage

ranc, adj., proud, arrogant, overbearing

raðe, adv., soon, quickly; raðor, comp. adv., sooner, quicker

reaflac, n., I. rapine; II. spoil

refrigesco, -frigescere, -frixi, Latin, to grow cold, to cool

reliquus, -a, -um, Latin, remaining, left over; the rest, the remainder

riht, adj., true, just, fitting

rihtlice, adv., properly, carefully, thoroughly

rihtwis, adj., righteous

rixian, W 2, intrans., reign

rypere, m., pillager

sacan, 6, intrans., contend, fight

sacu, f., strife, contention

satanas, pr. n., Satan

sawl, f., soul

scincræft, m., sorcery

sculan, pret. pres., auxiliary and transitive, shall, ought, should, have to, be obliged, must, owe

se, m. pronoun, the, he, who, he who, this, that

secgan, W 3, trans., say, speak, tell, declare

seculum, -i, Latin, n., an age, an indefinitely long time

seo, f. pronoun, the, she, who, this, that

side, adv., widely (always with wide, far and wide)

soluo, solvere, solvi, Latin, to untie, unbind, free

soð, adj., true

standan, 6, intrans., stand, exist, continue, abide, be valid

steorfa, m., pestilence

stric, mn. (?), plague

styrnlic, adj., severe, violent

styrung, f., disturbance

sum, esse, fui, futurus, Latin, to be

sum, pron., a certain, certain, some

sunne, f., sun

swa, adv., so, such, thus, swa...swa, the...the, as conj., as, just as, swa...swa, either...or

swæslice, adv., in a friendly manner

swicol, adj., deceitful, false, treacherous

swylc, swilc, pron., such (frequently correlatively, such...as)

swyðe, adv., very, much, very much, exceedingly, especially, violently, with ealra, most of all

swiðlice, adv., severely, excessively

sy, present subjunctive of wesan, may be

sylf, pron., himself, herself, itself, myself, yourself, same

syn, sien, subj. pl. of wesan, may be

syndon, pres. pl. of wesan, are

synn, f., sin

synfull, adj., sinful, guilty

syððan, conj., after, since, when

tacen, n., sign, portent, miracle

talis...qualis, Latin, such...as

tealt, adj., uncertain, insecure, fickle

tid, f., time, tide, season

tima, m., time, hour

to, prep. w. dat., to, towards, in, into, on, for, as; w. infl. inf., to, in order to

to, adv., too

tosceadan, 7, trans., divide, judge

toslupan, 2, trans., loose

towerd, toweard, adj., approaching, impending, at hand, to come, future

tribulatio, -onis, Latin, tribulation

tungol, n., star

tyman, W 1, intrans., beget, bring forth, engender, have offspring

tymothee, pr. n., Timothy

þa, accusative demonstrative pronoun and definite article, the, that, those

ða, adv., then

þær, adv., there, then

þæra, þara, genitive plural demonstrative pronoun or definite article, of the, of those

þære, feminine article, genitive or dative of seo, the, that

ðæs, genitive demonstrative pronoun, definite article, of that, of the

þæt, conj., that, so that, in order that, swa ðæt, so that

ðam, dative demonstrative pronoun, definite article, that, those, the

ðanonforð, adv., thenceforth

ðas, fem. accusative demonstrative pronoun, this

ðe, pron., who, which, that; ðe, conj., I. when; II. than; III. or (with hwæþer); IV. since; V. where

ðeah, adv., nevertheless, however, yet

ðearf, f., need, benefit, advantage, necessity, hardship

ðearle, adv., greatly, exceedingly, severely, very

ðeodfeond, m., arch-fiend

ðeodscaða, m., robber, arch-malefactor

ðeodscipe, m., people, nation

þing, n., thing

þis, þisum, demonstrative pronoun, this

ðolian, W 2, I. trans., suffer, undergo; II. intrans., forfeit

þone, þæne, m. accusative pronoun, the

ðonne, ðænne, adv., then

ðreatigan, W 2, trans., threaten, intimidate

ðurh, prep. w. acc. and dat., through, by (means of), because of, for, in

ðurhwunian, W 2, intrans., remain, continue, persist, be steadfast

ðusend, num. adj. and sb., thousand

ðwyrnes, -nyss, f., perversity, depravity

ðy, I. adv., therefore; II. conj., because

uideo, uidere, uidi, uisum, Latin, to see

unbealafull, adj., innocent

unbindan, 3, trans., unbind, loose

ungelimp, n., misfortune

unlar, f., false doctrine, bad teaching

unriht, n., wrong, injustice, evil

ure, urum, pronoun, genitive plural of we, our, of us

us, accusative and dative pronoun, us

usque, Latin, adv., all the way, continuously, from....to

, Latin, interj., woe, alas

wa, I., interj., woe, alas; II. adv., woe, ill

wac, adj., I. weak, insignificant; II. negligent; III. inconstant; wacre, comp. adj., weaker

wælhreow, adj., cruel, bloodthirsty

wæs, s. pret. of wesan, was

wealdan, 7, trans. and intrans., rule, govern, wield, direct

weaxan, 7, intrans., grow, increase

wedan, W 1, intrans., rage, rave

wel, I. adv., well, thoroughly, rightly, very; II. interj., well

weorðan, 3, intrans., be, become, happen, come to pass

wide, adv., widely, afar, far and wide

wif, n., wife, woman

willan, anomolous v., intrans., will, be willing, wish, desire, will, shall

winnan, 3, intrans., I. fight, contend; II. strive

winter, m., I. winter, storm; II. winter (=year)

wise, f., way, manner, idiom

witod, witodlice, adv., truly, certainly

witodlice, adv., truly, certainly

wlanc, adj., rich, proud

wodlice, adv., madly, violently

woruld, f., world, earth

woruldgestreon, n., worldly riches

wundor, n., wonder, marvel, miracle

wundorlic, adj., wonderful, wondrous

wurðan, 3, become, be

wyrcan, W 1, trans., work, do, perform, cause, devise, build, create

wyrse, comp. adj., worse

wyrst, superl. adj., worst

yfel, n., evil, harm, ill

yfelian, W 2, intrans., become evil

ymbe, prep. w. dat. or acc., about, concerning, in regard to, during, after

yrmð, f., misery

7, Tironian character "et", conj. and