a; aa, adv., always, continually, forever; a, prep., see on

ac, conj., but, nevertheless, however

æfre, adv., ever, always, yet

ælc, adj., each, every, all

ælmihtig, adj., almighty

ænig, adj., any, any one

ær, adv., before, previously, formerly

agan, pret. pres. trans., I. have, own; II. must, ought, may

amen, amen

amyrran, W 1, trans., I. lay waste, confuse, mar; II. impede

and, ond, conj., and

Antecrist, antecrist, Latin Anticristus, Antichrist

aredian, W 1, trans., I. carry out, attain; II. find

arisan, 1, intrans., arise

bearn, n., child, son

befylan, W 1, trans., defile

belædan, W 1, trans., lead astray

beon, anomolous v., be, be possible, exist, happen

beswican, 2, trans., deceive, beguile, seduce, lead astray

biddan, 5, trans., entreat, beseech, ask in prayer

bið, 3rd person singular of beon, is

blis, f., bliss, joy, merriment

boc, f., I. Scripture, Gospel; II. book, writing

butan, prep. w. dat; prep. w. acc., without, except, outside of

bydel, m., I. preacher, pastor; II. messenger, herald

Contrarius, Latin contrary, opposite

crist, Latin and Old English Christ

cristendom, m., Christianity

cuman, 4, intrans., come

dæg, m., day

deofol, mn., devil, demon, Satan

don, anomolous v. trans. and intrans., perform, act, do, come to pass, put to use

dreogan, 2, trans., I. do, practise; II. suffer

eac, adv., also, moreover

eage, n., eye

eall, pron. and adj., all, every, every one, everything

ealles, adv., all, altogether, entirely, quite

ealswa, adv., as, just as, even as

earfoðnes, f., hardship, difficulty

ece, adj., eternal, everlasting

ege, m., fear

ende, m., end, conclusion

englisc, English

Latin enim, conj., for, but indeed, indeed, truly, certainly

eow, singular personal pronoun, you

Latin et, &, conj., and

fela, sb. and adj.,(indecl., usu. w. gen.), much, many

folc, n., folk, people, nation

forlætan, 7, trans., I. leave, leave undone, abandon, forsake, neglect

forðam, conj., for, because

fram, prep. w. dat., from, by, concerning

ge, plural personal pronoun, you

gebringan, W 1, trans., bring, lead

gebyrian, W 2, intrans., I. be fitting, behoove, belong to, be due to; II. happen

gecnawan, 4, trans., know, understand, perceive, recognize

gedwyld, n., error, heresy, folly

gegearwian, W 2, trans., prepare

gehende, prep. w. dat. or adv., near, at hand

gehwylc, pron. or adj., each, each one, every one, all

gehyran, W 1, I. trans., hear; II. intrans., obey

gelome, adv., often, frequently, continually

georne, adv., willingly, eagerly, zealously, earnestly, surely, carefully, well

gerædan, 1, I. trans., read; II. intrans., counsel, advise

geryman, 2 1, I. trans., prepare, provide; II. intrans., open a way

gescyldan, W 1, trans., shield, guard, defend, keep, restrain

geseon, 5, trans. and intrans., see

geweorðan, 3, intrans., be, become, happen, come to pass

gewurðan, 3, intrans., happen, occur, be fitting for

gewyrcan, W 1, trans., I. do, work, perform; II. make, create, build

god, m. God

godcund, adj., divine, heaven-sent, religious

godspel, n., gospel

gyt, adv., yet, still, again

he, masculine personal pronoun, he

healdan, 7, trans., keep, hold, observe, retain, protest, treat

heora, pronoun, genitive plural of he, their

heord, f., herd, flock

hine, accusative sing. of he, him

his, pron., genitive singular of he, his

hit, pronoun, it

hrædlice, adv., quickly

hu, adv., how

hy, hie, plural pronoun, they

in, prep. w. acc. or dat., in, into, on, for

is, 3rd person singular of wesan, is

læden, Latin

læran, W 1, trans. and intrans., teach, instruct, exhort, enjoin

lagu, f., law

lar, f., teaching, doctrine, learning, precept, exhortation

larlest, f., want of instruction, ignorance

leas, adj., I. false, unreliable; II. without, bereft of

leng, adj., comparative of lang, longer

leof, adj., dear, beloved, pleasing, acceptable

leofian, to be or become dear

leogere, m., liar

libban, W 3, intrans. live

lim, n., limb

losian, W 2, intrans., be lost, perish

mænig, adj., many, many a

mæst, adj., most, greatest; superlative of micel, much, great

magan, pret. pres., trans., can, be able to, may

man, m., man, human being, person; pl., mankind, men

micel, adj., great, much, mighty, dreadful

myrhð, f., joy, bliss

næfre, adv., never

namian, W 2, trans., name

ne, adv., not

neod, f., need, necessity, difficulty, hardship

nu, adv., now, then

of, prep. w. dat., from, out of, of, away from, contrary to, by

oft, adv., often, frequently

on, prep. w. dat. or acc., on, upon, in, within, into, among, during, at, about, for, according to

ongean, prep. w. acc. or dat., against, contrary to, in opposition to, in exchange for, towards

oðer, pron., other, another, one of two, the rest of, the second, the next

oððon, conj., or, oððon...oððon, either...or

Latin pseudocristus, false Christ

Latin reliquus, -a, -um, remaining, left over; the rest, the remainder

riht, adj., true, just, fitting

rihtlice, adv., properly, carefully, thoroughly

sacerd, m., priest

scriftscir, f., confessor's area of jurisdiction

se, m. pronoun, he, the

secgan, W 3, trans., say, speak, tell, declare

Latin surgo, surgere, surrexi, surrectum, to rise, spring up, arise

swa, adv., so, such, thus, swa...swa, the...the, as conj., as, just as, swa...swa, either...or

swæslice, adv., in a friendly manner

swicol, adj., deceitful, false, treacherous

swiðe, swyðe, adv., very, greatly

sy, present subjunctive of wesan, may be

sylf, pron., himself, herself, itself, myself, yourself, same

synn, f., sin

tima, m., time, hour

to, adv., too

to, prep. w. dat., to, towards, in, into, on, for, as; w. infl. inf., to, in order to

tobrædan, W 1, trans. and intrans., spread abroad

toweard, adj., approaching, impending, at hand, to come, future

ða, adv., then

þær, adv., there, then

þæra, pronoun, third person genitive plural of se., of those

þære, feminine article, genitive or dative of seo, the, that

ðæs, adv., therefore

þæt, conj., that, so that, in order that, swa þæt, so that

ðam, dative demonstrative pronoun, definite article those, the

ðæs ðe, conj., as, so far as, because, after

þe, pron., who, which, that

ðe læs ðe, conj., lest

ðeah, adv. and conj., nevertheless, however, yet; although

ðearf, f., need, benefit, advantage, necessity

þeodscaða, m., robber, arch-malefactor

þeos, f. demonstrative pronoun, this

þincan, W 1, impers. w. dat., appear, seem

þone, þæne, m. accusative of se, the

þonne, conj., I. when; II. than

ðurh, prep. w. acc. and dat., through, by (means of), because of, for, in

understandan, 6, trans. and intrans., understand, interpret

unlar, f., false doctrine, bad teaching

unriht, n., wrong, injustice, evil

unwær, adj., unwary, unprepared

ure, pronoun, genitive plural of we, our, of us

up, adv., up

us, pronoun, accusative or dative of we, us

utan, interj., let us

wærlice, adv., carefully, circumspectly, scrupulously

warnian, W 2, trans. and intrans., warn, caution, take warning, guard against

we, plural personal pronoun, we

wide, adv., widely, afar, far and wide

willa, m., will, wish

wise, f., way, manner, idiom

wið, prep. with acc., dat., or gen., against, with, towards, from, to, on, near; wið ðam þe (conjunctionally), so that, provided that, in consideration whereof

wiðersaca, m., adversary, enemy

wiðstandan, 6 w. dat., withstand, oppose, resist

wodscinn, n., madness, folly

woruld, f., world, earth

wurðan, 3, become, be

wyrse, adj., comparative of yfel, worse

yfel, n., evil, harm, ill

7, Tironian character "et", conj. and