a; aa, adv., always, continually, forever

abidan, 5, trans., obtain by entreaty or prayer

ablendan, W 1, trans., blind

ac, conj., but, nevertheless, however

adreogan, 2, trans., I. do, perform; II. suffer

æfre, adv., ever, always, yet

æfter, I. prep. w. dat. after, according to; II. adv., after, afterwards, since

ægðer, (ge...ge), conj., both...and

æht, f., possession, pl., possessions, prosperity, wealth

ælc, adj., each, every, all

ælmihtig, adj., almighty

ænig, adj., any, any one

ær, adv., before, previously, formerly

æren, adj., of brass

ærest, aerost, adv., first

æt, prep. w. dat., at, near, by, in, on, upon

æt nyhstan, adv., at last, finally

ætforan, prep. w. dat., before, in the presence of

æthweg, adv., somewhat

ætsacan, 6, intrans., deny

agan, pret. pres. trans., I. have, own; II. must, ought, may

agen, adj., own

aginnan, 3, intrans., begin

amen, amen

amerian, W 2, trans., purify

an, adj., one, alone

and, conj., and

anlicness, f., likeness, image

anræde, adj., resolute, steadfast

anrædlice, adv., resolutely, steadfastly, constantly

Antecrist, pr. n., Antichrist

aræran, w 1, trans., set up, raise, build, establish, exalt

asecgan, W 3, trans., tell, declare, explain

awacian, W 2, intrans., awake

awacian, W 2, intrans., fall away, weaken, lapse

awendan, W 1, trans., I. turn, change; II. translate

awyrdan, W 1, trans., hurt, injure

be, prep. w. dat., by, by means of, concerning, about, because of, near, at, with

bearn, n., child, son

bebod, n., I. commandment; II. command; III. decree, statute

behealdan, 7, trans., I. signify; II. behold

beon, to be

beorgan, 3, intrans., I. guard against; II. protect, spare

bepæcan, W 1, trans., deceive, cheat

beseon, 5, trans. and intrans., look, see, look at, have regard to

bespanan, 6, trans., entice

beswican, 2, trans., deceive, beguile, seduce, lead astray

beter, adj., comparative of god, better

beðencan, W 1, trans., bethink, consider, take thought for, remember

beðurfan, pret. pres. w. gen., need, have need of, have reason to

biddan, 5, trans., entreat, beseech, ask in prayer

bisen, bysen, f., example, model, exemplar

bið, 3rd person singular of beon, is

blind, adj., I. blind; II. without outlet

boc, f., I. Scripture, Gospel; II. book, writing

bodian, W 2, trans., preach, proclaim, prophesy

bregdan, to move quickly, to feign, pretend

bryne, m., fire, flame

butan, conj., except, except that, unless, but

byrigean, W 1, trans., bury, inter

casere, m., emperor

cild, n., child, youth

clæne, adj., pure, clean, chaste, innocent; clænost, purest, cleanest

clypian, W 2, intrans., cry out, call out, implore

cræft, m., I. cunning, craft, evil power; II. virtue; III. skill, artistry, trade

Crist, pr. n., Christ

cristen, adj. or m. nom. sb., Christian

cristendom, m., Christianity

cucu, adj., alive, living

cuman, 4, intrans., come

cunnan, pret. pres., trans., know, understand, know how to, be able to

cuð, adj., known, clear

cweðan, 5, trans., say, declare, proclaim

cwic, adj., alive, living

cyðan, W 1, trans., make known, proclaim, show

dæg, m., day

deaf, adj., deaf

deað, m., death

deofol, mn., devil, demon, Satan

dihlice, adv., secretly

dom, m., judgment, decree, decision, law, (Last) Judgment

don, anomolous v. trans. and intrans., perform, act, do, come to pass, put to use

dreogan, 2, trans., I. do, practise; II. suffer

drihten, m., lord, the Lord

drycræft, m., magic, sorcery

dumb, adj., dumb, speechless

dwelian, W 1, trans., I. deceive, seduce; II. be led astray, err

eac, adv., also, moreover

eage, n., eye

eala, interj., O

eald, adj., old

eall, pron. and adj., all, every, every one, everything

ealles, adv., all, altogether, entirely, quite

ealswa, adv., as, just as, even as

earfoð, n., hardship

earfoðnes, f., hardship, difficulty

earmlic, adj., wretched, miserable, pitiable

earmsceapen, adj., wretched, wretchedly-created

ece, adj., eternal, everlasting

ecelice, adv., forever

eft, adv., then, again, afterwards

ege, m., fear

egeslic, adj., awful, dreadful, horrible; egeslicesta, superlative, worst, most awful

Egipta, p. noun, Egypt

ehtan, W 1, trans., I. persecute; II. prosecute

ehtnes, ehtnyss, f., persecution

elles, adv., else, otherwise, beside

elleshwær, adv., elsewhere

ende, m., end, conclusion

engel, m., angel

eow, dative pronoun, you

fæc, n., interval, space of time

fæstræd, adj., steadfast

fandian, W 2 w. gen., tempt, try, test, prove

faran, 6, intrans., I. go, travel, go forth,proceed, come; II. get on, fare, speed

feallan, 7,, trans., fall

feccan, W 2, trans., bring

ferian, W 1, trans., carry, transport

fela, sb. and adj.,(indecl., usu. w. gen.), much, many

firn, adv., long ago

folc, n., folk, people, nation

for, prep. w. dat., for, because of, for the sake of, as regards, before, in the presence of

forbærnan, W 1, I. trans., burn, consume by fire; II. intrans., burn up, be consumed

fore, prep. w. acc., before

foresceawian, W 2, trans., foreordain, predestine

forlætan, 7, trans., I. leave, leave undone, abandon, forsake, neglect; II. give, grant; III. let, permit; IV. loose, release

forð, adv., forth, henceforth, far, continually

forðam, conj., for, because

forðferan, W 1, intrans., die, pass on

forðrihte, adv., straightway

forweorðan, 3, intrans., perish

forwyrcan, W 1, trans., I. sin; II. undo, ruin; III. forfeit

fram, from, prep. w. dat., from, by, concerning

frofer, m., comfort, solace, help

full, adj., full, perfect, complete, entire

fullfylgean, W 3, intrans., follow, obey

fultum, m., aid, help, support, protection

fyligean, W 3, intrans. and trans., follow, observe, indulge in

fyr, n., fire

fyrst, m., time, period

gast, m., I. spirit, soul, (holy or evil) spirit; II. (with halig) Holy Ghost

ge, plural personal pronoun, you

ge, conj., and, also; (ge....ge, both....and)

gear, m.n., year

geberan, 4, trans., bear, bring forth

gebidan, 1, I. intrans. experience, endure, suffer; II. trans. and intrans., look for, expect, await

gebigan, W 1, trans., turn, bend, incline, subject, convert, distort

gebrocian, W 3, trans., afflict, injure

gebugan, 2, intrans., (usu. with to or from) turn, incline, submit

gebyrian, W 2, intrans., I. be fitting, behoove, belong to, be due to; II. happen

geclænsian, W 2, trans., purify, cleanse

gecnawan, 4, trans., know, understand, perceive, recognize

gecoren, adj., dear, beloved, precious, fit

gecweðan, 5, trans., speak, say, declare

gecyrran, W 1, I. intrans., turn, return; II. intrans., submit; III. trans., convert

gecyðan, W 1, trans., show, make manifest, prove, proclaim, announce

gedon, anv., trans., do, cause, act, make

gedreccan, W 1, trans., harass, afflict, oppress

gedwellan, W 1, trans., lead astray, seduce, deceive

gedwimer, n., illusion, sorcery

gedwyld, n., error, heresy, folly

geearnian, W 2, trans. and intrans., earn, merit, deserve, get

gehælan, W 1, trans., heal, restore, save

gehealdan, 7, trans., keep, observe, hold, consider, maintain, protect

gehwa, pron., each one, every one

gehwar, adv., always, everywhere

gehwylc, pron. or adj., each, each one, every one, all

gehwyrfan, I. 3, intrans., turn; II. W 1, trans., turn, convert

geleafa, m., belief, faith

geleornian, W 2, trans., learn, read

gelettan, W 1, trans., hinder

gelewan, W 1, trans., injure

gelyfan, W 1, trans. and intrans., believe

gemacian, W 2, trans., make, cause

gemanian, W 2, trans., remind

gemyndig, adj., mindful of

genydan, W 1, trans., force, compel

geogelere, m., magician, juggler

geond, prep. w. acc. through, throughout, among

georne, adv., willingly, eagerly, zealously, earnestly, surely, carefully, well

geornlice, adv., willingly, eagerly, zealously, earnestly, carefully, diligently

gerædan, 1, I. trans., read; II. intrans., counsel, advise

gereccan, W 1, trans., tell, relate

gesælig, adj., happy, fortunate, blessed

gesawenlic, adj., visible

gescippan, 6, trans., make, create

gescyldan, W 1, trans., shield, guard, defend, keep, restrain

gescyrtan, W 1, trans., shorten, cut short

geseon, 5, trans. and intrans., see

gestrangian, W 2, trans., strengthen

geswencan, W 1, trans., injure, afflict, harass, agitate

geswican, 1, intrans., cease

geswutelian, W 2, trans., show, reveal, make clear, make manifest, explain, prove

geðafian, W 2, trans., permit, suffer

geðanc, mn., thought

geðolian, W 2, trans. and intrans., suffer, undergo

geðungen, adj., full-grown; excellent, distinguished

geðyldian, to be patient, to wait for, to endure

geuntrumian, W 2, trans., enfeeble

gewarnian, W 2, I. reflex., take warning, be on guard; II. trans., warn

geweorðan, 3, intrans., be, become, happen, come to pass

gewyrcan, W 1, trans., I. do, work, perform; II. make, create, build

gif, gyf, conj., if

God, m., God, god

god, adj., good, excellent, fit, proper, noble

gold, n., gold

grund, m., I. pit, abyss; II. ground, bottom

gryre, m., dread, horror

gylpan, 3, trans. and intrans., boast

gyt, adv., yet, still, again

habban, W 3, trans., have, possess, keep

hæðen, adj., heathen, pagan

hæðenscype, m., heathenism, paganism, false religion

hal, adj., healthy, whole, sound, well

halsian, W 2, trans., entreat, implore, beseech

hatan, 7, trans., I. call, name; II. bid, command, order

he, masc. pron., he

hebban, 6, I. intrans., rise; II. trans., lift up

hell, f., hell

help, mf., help, succor

heo, f. pron., she

heofon, m., f., heaven

her, adv., here

herian, W 1, trans., praise, glorify

hi, hie, plural pronoun, they, them

him, masc. accusative pronoun, him; dative plural pronoun, them

hine, accusative sing. of he, him

his, masc. genitive pronoun, his, its

hit, neut. pronoun, it

hiwian, W 2, trans., I. feign, pretend, make appear

hlud, adj., loud

hreosan, 2, intrans., fall, fall down, sink

hu, adv., how

hund, num., sb. and adj., hundred

hwa, pron., I. interrog., who, what; II. indef., any one; III. (with swa...swa), whoever, whatever

hwæt, interj., what, indeed, lo, behold

hwil, f., while, time

hwilum, adv., sometimes, once, again; hwilum...hwilum, now...now, at one time...at another

ic, 1st person sing. pronoun, I

Iob, pr. n., Job

is, 3rd person singular of wesan, is

la, interj., lo, behold, oh, indeed

lætan, 7, trans., let, allow, leave, give up, cause, have done, think, consider, conduct oneself

land, n., land, country, earth, soil

lange, adv., long

langsum, adj., long, lasting, protracted

lar, f., teaching, doctrine, learning, precept, exhortation

leas, n., falsehood

leasbregd, m., wile, deception

leasung, f., falsehood, lying

leng, comp. of lang, longer

leof, adj., dear, beloved, pleasing, acceptable

leogan, 2, intrans., lie, deceive

libban, W 3, intrans. live

lif, n., life

locian, W 2, intrans., look, observe, take heed

lyft, fn., air, heavens

lyt, (indecl.) n., few

macian, W 2, trans., make

mænig, adj., many, many a

mære, adj., great, famous, illustrious, glorious

mæst, adj., superlative of micel, most

magan, pret. pres., trans., can, be able to, may

man, m., man, human being, person; pl., mankind, men

man, n., evil, wickedness

mancyn, n., mankind

martyrdom, m., martyrdom

medeme, adj., middle

mennisc, adj., human, mortal

mid, prep. w. dat., acc., instru., with, together with, in company with, by means of, by, because of, among

middaneard, m., earth, world

miht, f., might, power, ability

mistlice, adv., variously, in various ways

motan, pres. pret., intrans., may, must, be permitted

Moyses, pr. n., Moses

micel, mycel, adj., great, much, mighty, dreadful

na, adv., not at all, never, by no means

nabban, ne habban, have not

nædre, f., serpent

næfre, adv., never

nama, m., name

nan, nænne, I. adj., no; II. pron., none, not one

ne, conj., neither, nor

neadunga, adv., forcibly

neah, nyr, adj., near

nellan, ne willan, will not

nis, ne is, is not

niðere, adv., below, down

nu, adv., now

nydan, W 1, force, compel

nytan, ne witan, not know

of, prep. w. dat., from, out of, of, away from, contrary to, by

oferhogian, W 2, trans., despise, scorn

oft, adv., often, frequently

on, prep. w. dat. or acc., on, upon, in, within, into, among, during, at, about, for, according to

ongean, prep. w. acc. or dat., against, contrary to, in opposition to, in exchange for, towards

onlocian, to look on, behold

openlice, adv., openly, manifestly, publicly, freely

oðer, pron., other, another, one of two, the rest of, the second, the next

oð ðæt, conj., until

oððon, conj., or (oððon...oððon, either...or)

Paulus (Sanctus, Scs), pr. n., Paul

Petrus (Sanctus, Scs, Sce), pr. n., Peter

rathe, adv., soon, quickly

reccan, W 1, trans., interpret, explain, recount, declare

rest, f., I. rest; II. sleep; III. bed

rice, n., kingdom

riht, adj., true, just, fitting

riht, n., justice, right

rixian, W 2, intrans., reign

Rome, pr. n., Rome

Romware, mpl., Romans

sæl, mf., time, season, occasion

sanctus, Latin, saint

sar, n., sorrow, affliction, pain, disease

sculan, pret. pres., auxiliary and transitive, shall, ought, should, have to, be obliged, must, owe

se, m. pronoun, the, he, who, he who, this, that

searocræft, m., artifice, treachery

secgan, W 3, trans., say, speak, tell, declare

seo, f. pronoun, the, she, who, this, that

settan, W 1, trans., I. set, put, place, set down; II. appoint, establish, institute

Simon, pr. n., Simon

sona, adv., at once, immediately, forthwith, soon

soð, adj., true

soðlice, adv., truly, truthfully

standan, 6, intrans., stand, exist, continue, abide, be valid

stemn, stæmn, f., voice

stepel, stipel, m., tower

stigan, 1, intrans., ascend

stið, adj., I. harsh,severe, cruel; II. resolute

styrian, W 2, trans., I. stir, move; II. stir up

sum, pron., a certain, certain, some

sunu, m., son

swa, adv., so, such, thus, swa...swa, the...the, as conj., as, just as, swa...swa, either...or

sweart, adj., dark, black, malignant

swutol, adj., clear, plain, evident, manifest

swylc, swilc, pron., such (frequently correlatively, such...as)

swylce, conj., as if, as though

swyðe, adv., very, much, very much, exceedingly, especially, violently, with ealra, most of all

swyðor, comp. adv., much more

sy, present subjunctive of wesan, may be

sylf, pron., himself, herself, itself, myself, yourself, same

syn, sien, subjunctive plural of wesan, may be

synfull, adj., sinful, guilty

synn, f., sin

syððan, conj., after, since, when

tima, m., time, hour

to, prep. w. dat., to, towards, in, into, on, for, as; w. infl. inf., to, in order to

to, adv., too

toberstan, 3, intrans., burst apart, be dashed to pieces

towerd, toweard, adj., approaching, impending, at hand, to come, future

twa, num., I. adj., two; II. adv., twice

þa, accusative demonstrative pronoun and definite article, the, that, those

ða, adv., then

ðæne, accusative definite article and demonstrative pronoun, the, that

þær, adv., there, then

þæra, þara, genitive plural demonstrative pronoun or definite article, of the, of those

þære, feminine article, genitive or dative of seo, the, that

ðæs, genitive demonstrative pronoun, definite article, of that, of the

ðæs ðe, conj., as, so far as, because, after

þæt, conj., that, so that, in order that, swa ðæt, so that

ðafian, W 2, trans., permit, suffer

ðam, dative demonstrative pronoun, definite article that, those, the

ðe, pron., who, which, that; ðe, conj., I. when; II. than; III. or (with hwæþer); IV. since; V. where

ðeah, adv., nevertheless, however, yet

ðearf, f., need, benefit, advantage, necessity, hardship

ðearle, adv., greatly, exceedingly, severely, very

ðegn, m., I. thane; II. disciple

ðencan, W 1, trans. and intrans., think, consider, reflect, purpose

ðeodloga, m., arch-liar

þeos, f. demonstrative pronoun, this

ðider, adv., thither

ðincan, W 1, impers. w. dat., appear, seem

þing, n., thing

þis, þisum, demonstrative pronoun, this

ðolian, W 2, I. trans., suffer, undergo; II. intrans., forfeit

þone, þæne, m. accusative pronoun, the

ðonne, ðænne, adv., then

ðurh, prep. w. acc. and dat., through, by (means of), because of, for, in

ðurhwunian, W 2, intrans., remain, continue, persist, be steadfast

ðus, adv., thus, so

ðy, I. adv., therefore; II. conj., because

ufene, adv., from above

uneaðe, adv., I. with difficulty; II. reluctantly

underfon, 7, trans. and intrans., receive, take, accept, assume

understandan, 6, trans. and intrans., understand, interpret

ungelæred, adj., unlearned, untaught, ignorant

ungesælig, adj., unhappy, wretched, accursed

unhal, unhæl, adj., sick, unsound, infirm, weak

unlar, f., false doctrine, bad teaching

unwrenc, m., evil design

up, adv., up

ure, urum, pronoun, genitive plural of we, our, of us

us, accusative and dative pronoun, us

utan, interj., let us

wær, ware, adj., cautious, circumspect, mindful, heedful

wære, s. subj. of wesan, must be, may be

wæron, pl. pret. of wesan, were

wæs, s. pret. of wesan, was

warnian, W 2, trans. and intrans., warn, caution, take warning, guard against

we, first person plural pronoun, we

wealdan, 7, trans. and intrans., rule, govern, wield, direct

weard, adv., toward

wel, I. adv., well, thoroughly, rightly, very; II. interj., well

wenan, W 1, trans. and intrans., think, believe, suppose, expect

weorðian, W 2, trans., worship, honor, adore, reverence, reward

wide, adv., widely, afar, far and wide

willa, m., will, wish

willan, anomolous v., intrans., will, be willing, wish, desire, will, shall

winnan, 3, intrans., I. fight, contend; II. strive

wise, f., way, manner, idiom

witan, pret. pres., trans., know, understand, perceive, be conscious of, take heed

witodlice, adv., truly, certainly

wið, prep. with acc., dat., or gen., against, with, towards, from, to, on, near; wið ðam þe (conjunctionally), so that, provided that, in consideration whereof

wiðforan, prep. w. dat. or acc., before

wiðstandan, 6 w. dat., withstand, oppose, resist

woruld, f., world, earth

wundor, n., wonder, marvel, miracle

wundorlice, adv., very wonderously

wunian, W 2, intrans., dwell, inhabit, live, remain

wurðan, 3, become, be

wyrcan, W 1, trans., work, do, perform, cause, devise, build, create

wyrse, comp. adj., worse

wyrðe, adj., I. worthy; II. dear

yfel, n., evil, harm, ill

yld, f., I. age; II. age (historical)

ymbe, prep. w. dat. or acc., about, concerning, in regard to, during, after

yrmð, f., misery

7, Tironian character "et", conj. and