a; aa, adv., always, continually, forever

ab, Latin, preposition with ablative, from, after, away from

abelgan, 3, trans. and intrans., I. anger; II. be angry with

ac, conj., but, nevertheless, however

adeorcian, W 2, trans., darken

æcer, m., I. field; II. acre

æfre, adv., ever, always, yet

æfter, I. prep. w. dat. after, according to; II. adv., after, afterwards, since

æghwylc, each, every, all

ægðer, (ge...ge), conj., both...and

æmesse, f., alms

ælðeodig, adj., foreign, strange

ænig, adj., any, any one

ær, adv., before, previously, formerly

ær, prep. w. dat., before

ærra, comp. adj., earlier, former

afylan, W 1, trans., defile

ahwar, ahwær, anywhere, at any time, ever, in any way

amen, amen

amyrran, W 1, trans., I. lay waste, confuse, mar; II. impede

and, conj., and

Antecrist, antecrist, pr. n., Antichrist

aræran, w 1, trans., set up, raise, build, establish, exalt

areccan, W 1, trans., relate, recount, explain

asendan, W 1, trans., I. send; II. administer

astyrian, W 2, trans., stir up, excite, arouse

aðystrian, W 2, intrans., become darkened, obscured

awritan, 1, trans., write, transcribe, copy out

be, prep. w. dat., by, by means of, concerning, about, because of, near, at, with

behreosan, 2, intrans., fall

beorgan, protect, spare, save

besmitan, 1, trans., befoul, defile

betere, adj., comparative of god, better

betst, adj., superlative of god, best

betweonan, prep. w. dat., between, among

beðurfan, pret. pres. w. gen., need, have need of, have reason to

bið, 3rd person singular of beon, is

boc, bec, f., I. Scripture, Gospel; II. book, writing

bregean, W 1, trans., terrify

bryne, m., fire, flame

bugan, 2, intrans., I. do reverence to, incline; II. turn away from

butan, conj., except, except that, unless, but

clæne, adj., pure, clean, chaste, innocent

contra, Latin, adv. and prep., against, opposite

crist, pr. n., Christ

cristen, adj. or m. nom. sb., Christian

cuman, 4, intrans., come

cweðan, 5, trans., say, declare, proclaim

cyðan, W 1, trans., make known, proclaim, show

dælan, W 1, trans., I. bestow, distribute; II. divide

deað, m., death

deofol, mn., devil, demon, Satan

derian, W 2 w. dat., hurt, injure

deus, -i, Latin, m., God

dies, -ei, Latin, m., day

dom, m., judgment, decree, decision, law, (Last) Judgment

don, anomolous v. trans. and intrans., perform, act, do, come to pass, put to use

drihten, m., lord, the Lord

dyrfan, W 1, trans., hurt, afflict

eac, adv., also, moreover

eala, interj., O

eall, pron. and adj., all, every, every one, everything

ealles, adv., all, altogether, entirely, quite

ealswa, adv., as, just as, even as

earfoðnes, f., hardship, difficulty

ece, adj., eternal, everlasting

eft, adv., then, again, afterwards

ege, m., fear

egeslic, adj., awful, dreadful, horrible

ehtnes, ehtnyss, f., persecution

ende, m., end, conclusion

englisc, adj., English, the English language

eorðe, f., earth, world

eorðlic, adj., earthly

eorðwaru, f., earth-dwellers

est, mf., love

et, &, Latin, conj., and; & is also used for the syllable et in Latin words

fela, sb. and adj.,(indecl., usu. w. gen.), much, many

flod, m., flood

for, prep. w. dat., for, because of, for the sake of, as regards, before, in the presence of

fortacen, n., sign, portent

forðam, forðam þe, forðy, conj., for, because

forweorðan, 3, intrans., perish

forwyrnan, W 1, trans., withhold, refuse, prohibit, prevent

fremde, adj., strange, foreign (sb., stranger, foreigner)

frumsceaft, f., beginning, creation

ful, adv., fully, entirely, completely, very

fyr, n., fire

ge, conj., and, also; ge....ge, both....and

gebidan, 1, I. intrans. experience, endure, suffer; II. trans. and intrans., look for, expect, await

gebyrian, W 2, intrans., I. be fitting, behoove, belong to, be due to; II. happen

gecnawan, 4, trans., know, understand, perceive, recognize

gecweðan, 5, trans., speak, say, declare

geearnian, W 2, trans. and intrans., earn, merit, deserve, get

gefylsta, m., helper

gehwylc, pron. or adj., each, each one, every one, all

gelæstan, W 1, trans., I. perform, accomplish, fulfil; II. pay

geleafa, m., belief, faith

geleanian, W 2, trans., reward, repay, requite

gelic, adj., like, equal

gelimp, n., I. occurrence, fortune; II. calamity, misfortune

gelome, adv., often, frequently, continually

gelyfan, W 1, trans. and intrans., believe

gemæne, adj., common, general, universal, mutual

gemencgan, W 1, trans., mix

gens, gentis, Latin, f., family, clan, nation

georne, adv., willingly, eagerly, zealously, earnestly, surely, carefully, well

geornlice, adv., willingly, eagerly, zealously, earnestly, carefully, diligently

geornost, adv., superlative of georne, most willingly, most eagerly

gerecednes, f., punishment, correction

gesceaft, f., creature, thing, nature, state

gesibb, adj., related, akin, kinsman

gesyne, adj., visible, evident, manifest

getrywð, f., pledge, covenant, faith

geðring, n., throng, crowd

geweorðan, 3, intrans., be, become, happen, come to pass

gewurðan, 3, intrans., happen, occur, be fitting for

gewyrht, fn., work, deed

god, m., God, a god

godcund, adj., divine, heaven-sent, religious

godspel, n., gospel

godspellere, m., evangelist

granung, f., groaning, lamentation

grimme, adv., severely, cruelly, dreadfully

gryre, m., dread, horror

gyt, adv., yet, still, again

habban, W 3, trans., have, possess, keep

halga, I. adj., weak form of halig, holy; II. m., saint

healdan, 7, trans., keep, hold, observe, retain, protest, treat

he, masc. pron., he

hell, f., hell

helpan, 3, intrans., help, aid

heo, f. personal pronoun, she

heof, m., wailing, mourning

heofon, -e, m., f., heaven

heofonlic, adj., heavenly

heom, dative pronoun, him, them

heora, hiera, genitive plural pronoun, their

hetelice, adv., severely, bitterly, violently, savagely

hi, hie, f. accusative pronoun, her, it

him, masc. accusative pronoun, him

his, m. genitive pronoun, his, its

hit, pronoun, it

homo, -inis, Latin, m., human being, man

hrædlice, adv., quickly

hreosan, 2, intrans., fall, fall down, sink

hwil, f., while, time

hwilum, adv., sometimes, once, again; hwilum...hwilum, now...now, at one time...at another

hy, hie, plural pronoun, they

hyran, W 1, I. intrans., obey; II. trans., hear

hyre, hiera, f. genitive or dative pronoun, her, its

ille, illa, illud, Latin, demonstrative pronoun, that

in, prep. with accusative, in, into, against

in, Latin, prep. with accusative or ablative, into, in, on

initium, -i, Latin, n., beginning

insensatus, -a, -um, Latin, adj., frenzied, mad, irrational

is, 3rd person singular of wesan, is

læst, adv., superlative of lytel, least

laga (masc.), lagu (fem.); law

leaslic, adj., false, deceitful

leng, adv., compar. of lange, longer

leof, adj., dear, beloved, pleasing, acceptable

leofast, adj., superlative of leof, dearest, most beloved, most pleasing

licetere, liccetere, m., hypocrite

lif, n., life

lof, n., praise, glory

lufian, W 2, trans., love

luna, -ae, Latin, f., the moon

ma, (indecl.), n., more

mægen, n., might, power, multitude, army, virtue

mægenðrym, m., mighty power, glory

mæst, adj., superlative of micel, most

magan, pret. pres., trans., can, be able to, may

man, m., man, human being, person; pl., mankind, men

mancyn, n., mankind

maneg, adj., many

mara, m., compar. of micel, greater, more, stronger, mightier

matheus, pr. n., Matthew

mid, prep. w. dat., acc., instru., with, together with, in company with, by means of, by, because of, among

miht, f., might, power, ability

mildheortnes, f., mercy, loving-kindness

misdæd, f., evil deed, sin

mistlic, adj., manifold, various, varied

mona, m., moon

motan, pres. pret., intrans., may, must, be permitted

mundus, -i, Latin, m., world, universe

nære, ne wære, were not

næs, ne wæs, was not

ne, conj., neither, nor

nealæcan, W 1, intrans., approach

nec, Latin, not, and not, nor

nellan, ne willan, will not, be unwilling

nis, ne is, is not

nolde, ne wolde, would not, was unwilling

non, Latin, adv., not

nu, adv., now

of, prep. w. dat., from, out of, of, away from, contrary to, by

ofer, prep. w. acc. or dat. over, beyond, above, among, throughout, upon, contrary to

oferhoga, m., scorner

oft, adv., often, frequently

oftor, adv., comparative of oft, more often

on, prep. w. dat. or acc., on, upon, in, within, into, among, during, at, about, for, according to

ongean, prep. w. acc. or dat., against, contrary to, in opposition to, in exchange for, towards

orbis, -is, Latin, m., a circle, ring, disk

orf, n., livestock, cattle

ortreowe, adj., despairing

oðer, pron., other, another, one of two, the rest of, the second, the next

postea, Latin, adv., thereafter, afterwards

pro, Latin, adv. and prep., before, in front of; in place of, for; like; for; according to

pugno, -are, Latin, to fight, combat, give battle

qualis, -e, Latin, of what sort, what kind of; with talis, as, such as

ræsan, W 1, intrans., rise

rathe, adv., soon, quickly

reliquae, -arum, Latin, f. pl., rest, remains, remnant

reliquus, -a, -um, Latin, remaining, left

riht, adj., true, just, fitting

rihte, adv., properly, justly, truly

sacan, 6, intrans., contend, fight

sculan, pret. pres., auxiliary and transitive, shall, ought, should, have to, be obliged, must, owe

se, pron., the, he, who, he who, this, that

secgan, W 3, trans., say, speak, tell, declare

sendan, W 1, trans., send; see asendan

seo, f. pronoun, the, she, who, this, that

signum, -i, Latin, n., a sign, mark, token

singal, adv., perpetual, everlasting

sol, solis, Latin, m., the sun

soðes, adv., truly

soðlice, adv., truly, truthfully

stella, -ae, Latin, f., a star

steorra, m., star

storm, m., storm, tempest

styrnlice, adv., sternly

styrung, f., disturbance

sum, esse, fui, futurus, Latin, to be

sunne, f., sun

surgo, surgere, surrexi, surrectum, Latin, to arise

swa, adv., so, such, thus, swa...swa, the...the, as conj., as, just as, swa...swa, either...or

swencan, W 1, trans., afflict, oppress

swylce, conj., as if, as though

swutelian, W 2, trans., show, make manifest, reveal

swutelice, swutollice, adv., clearly, plainly

swutol, swytol, adj., clear, plain, evident, manifest

swyðe, adv., very, much, very much, exceedingly, especially, violently, with ealra, most of all

sy, present subjunctive of wesan, may be

sylf, pron., himself, herself, itself, myself, yourself, same

syllan, W 1, I. trans., give; II. intrans., sell

symle, adv., always, continually, for ever

sind, syndon, syndan, plural of wesan, are

synn, f., sin

syððan, conj., after, since, when

tacen, n., sign, portent, miracle

talis, -e, Latin, of such a kind, such

teoðung, f., tithe

terra, -ae, Latin, f., earth, land, country

tima, m., time, hour

to, prep. w. dat., to, towards, in, into, on, for, as; w. infl. inf., to, in order to

to, adv., too

tribulatio, -onis, Latin, tribulation

tungol, n., star

þa, accusative demonstrative pronoun and definite article, the, that, those

ðæne, accusative definite article and demonstrative pronoun, the, that

ðær, adv., there, then

ðærto, adv., thereto, for that purpose, therein

ðæs, genitive demonstrative pronoun, definite article, of that, of the

ðæs ðe, conj., as, so far as, because, after

þæt, conj., that, so that, in order that, swa ðæt, so that

ðam, dative demonstrative pronoun, definite article that, those, the

ðe, pron., who, which, that; ðe, conj., I. when; II. than; III. or (with hwæþer); IV. since; V. where

ðearf, f., need, benefit, advantage, necessity, hardship

ðearle, adv., greatly, exceedingly, severely, very

ðe læs ðe, conj., lest

þeod, f., people, nation

þeos, f. demonstrative pronoun, this

þing, n., thing

þis, demonstrative pronoun, this

þonne, conj., I. when; II. than

ðurh, prep. w. acc. and dat., through, by (means of), because of, for, in

ðus, adv., thus, so

ðy, I. adv., therefore; II. conj., because

ufene, adv., from above

ungelimp, n., misfortune

unriht, n., wrong, injustice, evil

unweod, n., ill weed

up, adv., up

ure, urum, genitive plural pronoun, our

us, accusative and dative pronoun, us

utan, interj., let us

utancumen, pp. foreign, strange

wa, I., interj., woe, alas; II. adv., woe, ill; see wea

wace, adv., negligently, feebly

wære, past plural of wesan, were

wæs, pret. of weran, was

wæstm, I. m., fruit; II. f., luxuriance

wanian, W 2, I. trans., impair, injure, curtail; II. intrans., lose force or authority

wanung, f., lamentation, howling

we, plural pronoun, we

wedan, W 1, intrans., rage, rave

wenan, W 1, trans. and intrans., think, believe, suppose, expect

weorðan, 3, intrans., be, become, happen, come to pass

weorðian, W 2, trans., worship, honor, adore, reverence, reward

wide, adv., widely, afar, far and wide

willa, wylla, m., will, wish

winnan, 3, intrans., I. fight, contend; II. strive

wise, f., way, manner, idiom

wite, n., punishment, torment, penalty

witodlice, adv., truly, certainly

wið, prep. with acc., dat., or gen., against, with, towards, from, to, on, near; wið ðam þe (conjunctionally), so that, provided that, in consideration whereof

wiðerræde, adj., I. perverse, hostile; II. opposed

woruld, f., world, earth

wracu, f., revenge, vengeance; misery, distress

wregan, W 1, trans., accuse, denounce

wuldor, n., glory, praise

wunian, W 2, intrans., dwell, inhabit, live, remain

wurðan, 3, become, be

wyrcan, W 1, trans., work, do, perform, cause, devise, build, create

wyrse, adv., worse

yfel, n., evil, harm, ill

yrmð, f., misery

7, Tironian character "et", conj. and