a; aa, adv., always, continually, forever; a, prep., see on

abundo, -are, Latin, to overflow, abound

ac, conj., but, nevertheless, however

accedo, -cedere, -cessi, -cessum, Latin, to approach, to come near

ad, Latin, prep. with acc., to, until

aduentus, -us, Latin, m., arrival, advent

aedificatio, -onis, Latin, f. building

æfre, adv., ever, always, yet

æghwar, adv., everywhere, in every way

æghwylc, each, every, all

ænig, adj., any, any one

ær, adv., before, previously, formerly

agan, pret. pres. trans., I. have, own; II. must, ought, may

aginnan, 3, intrans., begin

agytan, 5, trans., I. see; II. know

ahangian, to hang

amen, amen

an, adj., one, alone

and, conj., and

andaga, m., appointed day

andsæte, adj., odious, hated

andwyrdan, W 1, answer

angelus, Latin, angel

angin, n., beginning, origin

anrædlice, adv., resolutely, steadfastly, constantly

Antecrist, antecrist, pr. n., Antichrist

arisan, 1, intrans., arise

ascian, W 2, trans., ask

audio, -ire, Latin, to hear, listen to, obey

autem, Latin, conj., but, however, moreover

awacian, W 2, intrans., fall away, weaken, lapse

be, prep. w. dat., by, by means of, concerning, about, because of, near, at, with

becuman, 4, intrans., come, come upon, befall, happen

beon, to be,

bepæcan, W 1, trans., deceive, cheat

betweonan, prep. w. dat., between, among

bið, 3rd person singular of beon, is

blodig, adj., bloody

boc, bec, f., I. Scripture, Gospel; II. book, writing

bredan, 3, trans., to breed

bregean, W 1, trans., terrify

burh, byrig, f., city

butan, conj., except, except that, unless, but

caritas, -atis, Latin, f., love, affection

celum, -i, Latin, n., the heavens, the sky

consummatio, -onis, Latin, f., end, finish, completion

consurgo, -surgere, -surrexi, -surrectum, Latin, to rise up

crist, pr. n., Christ

cristen, adj. or m. nom. sb., Christian

cristendom, m., Christianity

cristus, Latin, m., Christ

cuman, 4, intrans., come

cweðan, 5, trans., say, declare, proclaim

dæg, m., day

de, Latin, prep. with ablative, from, down from, away from

destruo, -struere, -struxi, -structum, Latin, to pull down, dismantle

dico, dicere, dixi, dictum, Latin, to say, speak, tell, mention

dies, -ei, Latin, m., day

dihlice, adv., secretly

discipulus, -i, Latin, m. disciple, pupil

dolor, -oris, Latin, m., pain, anguish, sorrow

dom, m., judgment, decree, decision, law, (Last) Judgment

dominus, -i, Latin, m., lord, master

don, anomolous v. trans. and intrans., perform, act, do, come to pass, put to use

drihten, m., lord, the Lord

eac, adv., also, moreover

eall, pron. and adj., all, every, every one, everything

ealles, adv., all, altogether, entirely, quite

eallunge, adv., I. altogether; II. at all

earfoðnes, f., hardship, difficulty

eft, adv., then, again, afterwards

egeslic, adj., awful, dreadful, horrible

egeslice, adv., awfully, dreadfully, horribly

ego, Latin, personal pronoun, I

egredior, -gredi, -gressus, Latin, to step out

ehtnes, ehtnyss, f., persecution

ei, Latin, masc. dative pronoun, him

eis, Latin, dative plural personal pronoun, them

eius, Latin, masc. genitive pronoun, his

engel, encgel, m., angel

ende, m., end, conclusion

enim, Latin, conj., indeed, truly, certainly

eo, ire, ivi, and ii itum, Latin, to go

eo, Latin, ablative masculine personal pronoun, him

eorðe, f., earth, world

eorðstyrung, f., earthquake

eow, dative pronoun, you

eowian, W 2, trans., show

et, &, Latin, conj., and; & is also used for the syllable et within Latin words

euangelium, Latin, gospel

eum, Latin, accusative masculine personal pronoun, him

fames, -is, Latin, f., hunger, famine

fela, sb. and adj.,(indecl., usu. w. gen.), much, many

finis, -is, Latin, m., end, limit, boundary

folc, n., folk, people, nation

for, prep. w. dat., for, because of, for the sake of, as regards, before, in the presence of

foran (with to), prep. w. dat., adv., before, in advance

forlæran, 2 1., trans., mislead (by teaching), seduce

forðam, conj., for, because

ful, adv., fully, entirely, completely, very

ge, plural personal pronoun, you

geara, adv., of yore, long since

gecyðan, W 1, trans., show, make manifest, prove, proclaim, announce

geendung, f., end, ending

gehealdan, 7, trans., keep, observe, hold, consider, maintain, protect

gehende, prep. w. dat. or adv., near, at hand

geleanian, W 2, trans., reward, repay, requite

gelyfan, W 1, trans. and intrans., believe

genamian, W 2, trans., name

gens, gentis, Latin, f., family, clan, nation

geond, prep. w. acc. through, throughout, among

georne, adv., willingly, eagerly, zealously, earnestly, surely, carefully, well

geweorðan, 3, intrans., be, become, happen, come to pass

gewinn, n., I. strife, struggle, battle; II. labor, toil

gewiss, n., surety, certainty

gewyrcan, W 1, trans., I. do, work, perform; II. make, create, build

god, God, m., God, a god

godspel, n., gospel

grimlic, adj., cruel, severe

grundlinga, adv., to the ground

gylp, n., boasting

gylpan, 3, trans. and intrans., boast

gyt, adv., yet, still, again

habban, W 3, trans., have, possess, keep

habeo, -ere, -ui, -itum, Latin, to have, hold

hand, f., hand

hierusalem, pr. n., Jerusalem

he, masc. pron., he

heofon, m., f., heaven

heom, dative pronoun, him, them

hetelice, adv., severely, bitterly, violently, savagely

hi, hie, plural pronoun, they, them

hic, haec, hoc, Latin,pronoun, this, this one

hic, hec, Latin, adv., here, in this place

him, masc. accusative pronoun, him

hine, accusative sing. of he, him

his, genitive pronoun, his, its

hit, pronoun, it

hiwian, W 2, trans., I. feign, pretend, make appear

hora, -ae, Latin, f., an hour

hu, adv., how

huru, adv., at least, especially, surely

hwænne, conj., when

hwylc, I. adj., any, what, whatever

hwilum, adv., sometimes, once, again; hwilum...hwilum, now...now, at one time...at another

ic, pronoun, I

iesus, Jesus

ille, illa, illud, Latin, demonstrative pronoun, that

in, prep. with accusative, in, into, against

iniquitas, -tatis, Latin, f., iniquity

initium, -i, Latin, n., beginning

inuicem, Latin, adv., mutually, reciprocally, in turn

ipse, -a, -um, Latin, self

is, 3rd person singular of wesan, is

læran, W 1, trans. and intrans., teach, instruct, exhort, enjoin

lapis, -idis, Latin, n., a stone

lar, f., teaching, doctrine, learning, precept, exhortation

leaslic, adj., false, deceitful

leaslice, adv., falsely, deceitfully

leof, adj., dear, beloved, pleasing, acceptable

leogan, 2, intrans., lie, deceive

licetere, liccetere, m., hypocrite

locus, -i, Latin, m., place

lof, n., praise, glory

lufian, W 2, trans., love

mænan, W 1, trans., mean, signify, declare, proclaim

mænig, adj., many, many a

mære, adj., great, famous, illustrious, glorious

magan, pret. pres., trans., can, be able to, may

man, m., man, human being, person; pl., mankind, men

many, adj., many

meo, meum, genitive personal pronoun, my

micel, adj., great, much, mighty, dreadful

mid, prep. w. dat., acc., instru., with, together with, in company with, by means of, by, because of, among

montem oliueti, Latin, Mount Oliveti, the Mount of Olives

motus, -us, Latin, m., motion, movement

multus, -a, -um, Latin, adj., many, much

nære (ne wære), was not

namian, W 2, trans., name

ne, adv., not

nealæcan, W 1, intrans., approach

nemo, -inis, Latin, no one, nobody

neod, f., need, necessity, difficulty, hardship

neque, Latin, adv., not

nescio, -ire, -ivi, -itum, Latin, not to know, to be ignorant of

nis, (ne is), is not

nisi, Latin, conj., if not, unless

nobis, Latin, dative or ablative plural pronoun, us

nomen, -inis, Latin, n., a name

non, Latin, adv., not

nondum, Latin, adv., not yet

occidio, -cidere, -cidi, -cisum, Latin, to destroy, slaughter

odi, odisse, Latin, to hate, detest

ofer, prep. w. acc. or dat. over, beyond, above, among, throughout, upon, contrary to

omnis, -e, Latin, all, every, whole

on, prep. w. dat. or acc., on, upon, in, within, into, among, during, at, about, for, according to

opinio, -onis, Latin, f., opinion, supposition, conjecture

oportet, -tere, -tuit, Latin, impers., it behooves, it is proper

orbis, -is, Latin, m., circle, anything round

ostendo, -tendere, -tendi, tentum and tensum, Latin, to show, display, hold out

oðer, pron., other, another, one of two, the rest of, the second, the next

pater, -tris, Latin, m., father

per, Latin, prep. with accusative, through, throughout, along, over

permaneo, -manere, -mansi, -mansum, Latin, to remain, stay, abide, continue

pestilentia, -ae, Latin, f., plague, pestilence

predico, -are, Latin, to preach, proclaim, declare

prelium, Latin, battle

propter, Latin, adv. and prep., because of, by reason of

pseudoprophetus, Latin, m., false prophet

qua, Latin, adv., in which

quando, Latin, pronoun, when, at what time, at the time when

quapropter, conj., Latin, wherefore, on which account

qui, quae, quod, Latin, relative or interrogative pronoun, who, which, what, that

quia, Latin, conj., because

quis, quid, Latin, pronoun, who, what; anyone, anybody, anything

quod, Latin, interrogative or relative conj., what, that

quoniam, Latin, conj., since, whereas, because

rathe, adv., soon, quickly

refrigero, -are, Latin, to cool, become cold

regnum, -i, Latin, n., kingdom, royal authority

relinquo, -linquere, -liqui, -lictum, Latin, to leave, leave behind; to leave unchanged, allow to remain; to desert, abandon, forsake

respondeo, -spondere, spondi, sponsum, Latin, to give an answer, to reply

rod, f., cross

saluus, -a, -um, Latin, saved, safe, unhurt

sarness, f., affliction

scandalizatio, -ire, Latin, to give offence

scio, scire, scivi, scitum, Latin, to know, understand, have knowledge of

sculan, pret. pres., auxiliary and transitive, shall, ought, should, have to, be obliged, must, owe

se, demonstrative pronoun, definite article, the, that

secgan, W 3, trans., say, speak, tell, declare

secretus, -a, -um, Latin, hidden, secret

seculum, -i, Latin, n., an age, a century

sed, Latin, conj., but, however

sedeo, sedere, sedi, sessum, Latin, to sit

seduco, -ducere, -duxi, -ductum, Latin, to seduce, tempt, lead astray

side, f., side

signum, -i, Latin, n., a sign, mark, token

solus, -a, -um, Latin, alone, only

sona, adv., at once, immediately, forthwith, soon

sorh, f., sorrow, pain, trouble

sorhlic, adj., grievous, painful

sprecan, 5, trans. and intrans., speak

stan, m., stone

sum, esse, fui, futurus, Latin, to be

super, Latin, adv. and prep, over, above

surgo, surgere, surrexi, surrectum, Latin, to arise

swa, adv., so, such, thus, swa...swa, the...the, as conj., as, just as, swa...swa, either...or

swaðeahhwæðere, adv., nevertheless, however

swician, W 2, intrans., deceive, be treacherous

swicollice, adv., deceitfully, craftily

swylce, conj., as if, as though

swyðe, adv., very, much, very much, exceedingly, especially, violently

sy, present subjunctive of wesan, may be

sylf, pron., himself, herself, itself, myself, yourself, same

symle, adv., always, continually, for ever

syððan, conj., after, since, when

tacen, n., sign, portent, miracle

tempelgeweorc, n., temple, construction of the temple

templum, -i, Latin, n. temple, church, sanctuary

terra, -ae, Latin, f., earth, land

testimonium, -i, Latin, n., witness, evidence, testimony

tid, f., time, tide, season

tima, m., time, hour

to, prep. w. dat., to, towards, in, into, on, for, as; w. infl. inf., to, in order to

to, adv., too

tocyme, m., advent

toweard, adj., approaching, impending, at hand, to come, future

towyrpan, 3, trans., demolish, cast down

trado, -dere, -didi, -ditum, Latin, to hand over, deliver, give up

tribulatio, -onis, Latin, tribulation

tui, Latin, genitive singular personal pronoun, your

tunc, Latin, adv., then, at that time

turbo, -are, Latin, to disturb, throw into disorder or confusion

þa, accusative demonstrative pronoun and definite article, the, that, those

ða, adv., then

ðæne, accusative definite article and demonstrative pronoun, the, that

þær, adv., there, then

þære, feminine article, genitive or dative of seo, the, that

ðærto, adv., thereto, for that purpose, therein

ðæs ðe, conj., as, so far as, because, after

þæt, conj., that, so that, in order that, swa ðæt, so that

ðam, dative demonstrative pronoun, definite article that, those, the

thara, genitive plural demonstrative pronoun or definite article, of the, of those

ðe, pron., who, which, that; ðe, conj., I. when; II. than; III. or (with hwæþer); IV. since; V. where

theah, adv., nevertheless, however, yet

ðearf, f., need, benefit, advantage, necessity, hardship

þegn, m., I. thane; II. disciple

þeod, f., people, nation

þing, n., thing

þis, demonstrative pronoun, this

ðonne, adv., then

ðurh, prep. w. acc. and dat., through, by (means of), because of, for, in

ðy, I. adv., therefore; II. conj., because

ðyrel, adj., pierced

uenio, uenire, ueni, uentum, Latin, to come

uerumptamen, Latin, but yet, notwithstanding, nevertheless

uester, Latin, plural personal pronoun, your

ufera, adj., after, future

uideo, uidere, uidi, uisum, Latin, to see

uigilo, -are, Latin, to be awake, keep awake, watch

uniuersus, -a, -um, Latin, whole, entire

unlar, f., false doctrine, bad teaching

uobis, Latin, dative or ablative plural pronoun, you

uos, Latin, personal pronoun, you

ure, pronoun, genitive plural of we, our, of us

us, accusative and dative pronoun, us

usque, Latin, adv., all the way, continuously, from....to

ut, Latin, adv., how, as, when, while, where

utan, interj., let us

wacigean, W 3, intrans., watch

wacmod, adj., faint-hearted

wær, adj., cautious, circumspect, mindful, heedful

wæs, pret. of weran, was

warnian, W 2, trans. and intrans., warn, caution, take warning, guard against

we, first person plural pronoun, we

weald, conj., lest, in case

wedan, W 1, intrans., rage, rave

wel, I. adv., well, thoroughly, rightly, very; II. interj., well

weorðan, 3, intrans., be, become, happen, come to pass

wide, adv., widely, afar, far and wide

willa, m., will, wish

willan, anomolous v., intrans., will, be willing, wish, desire, will, shall

winnan, 3, intrans., I. fight, contend; II. strive

wise, f., way, manner, idiom

witan, pret. pres., trans., know, understand, perceive, be conscious of, take heed

witodlice, witod, adv., truly, certainly

wið, prep. with acc., dat., or gen., against, with, towards, from, to, on, near; wið ðam þe (conjunctionally), so that, provided that, in consideration whereof

world, f., world, earth

wuldor, n., glory, praise

wurðan, 3, become, be

wyrcan, W 1, trans., work, do, perform, cause, devise, build, create

wyrðmynt, mn., glory, honor

ymbe, prep. w. dat. or acc., about, concerning, in regard to, during, after

7, Tironian character "et", conj. and