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* Poetry

Beowulf and Judith (British Library, Cotton Vitellius A.15)

The Junius Manuscript (Oxford, Bodleian Library, Junius 11)

The Exeter Book (Exeter, Cathedral Chapter Library, MS 3501)

The Vercelli Book (Vercelli, Cathedral Library, CXVII)

The Paris Psalter (Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, 8824):
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The Meters of Boethius (British Library, Cotton Otho A.6)

Other Poems (Minor Poems)

Index of Poems In Alphabetical Order by Editorial Titles

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* Prose

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

The Laws of Alfred and Ine

Wulfstan Sermo Lupi ad Anglos

The Tribal Hidage (with map)

Anglo-Saxon Charters Homepage

An Eleventh Century Anglo-Saxon Glossary


* Runic Texts (under development)

Ruthwell Cross Inscriptions (Trial Edition in HTML 3.0, with runes):
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* Liturgical Texts

The DILS Project: A database of liturgical manuscripts owned or written in Anglo-Saxon England prior to 1100, compiled and maintained by Sarah Keefer, Trent U.


Contemporary Composition in Old English

Englisc, an online discussion list for composition in Old English

Modern English to Old English Vocabulary, by William Schipper, Memorial U.

Instant Old English, by Cathy Ball, Georgetown U.


* Reference Works

The index to The Complete Corpus of Old English in Machine Readable Form, from the Dictionary of Old English Project, University of Toronto. Texts available from DOE, Toronto.

Anglo Saxon Studies: A Select Bibliography, by C.P. Biggam, Strathclyde U; U of Glasgow

Bibliography of Beowulf Criticism, 1979-94, by Robert Hasenfratz, U.Connecticut

The Battle of Maldon Bibliography,by Wendy E. J. Collier

Anglo-Saxonists from the 16th through the 20th Century: A Bibliography of Scholars and Scholarship, by Carl Berkhout, U. Arizona

Anglo-Saxon History: A Select Bibliography, 3rd. ed., by Simon Keynes, Trinity College, Cambridge U

Anonymous Old English Homilies: A Preliminary Bibliography of Source Studies, by Janet Bately, King's College London

Verb Movement in Old and Middle English: Dialect Variation and Language Contact, by Anthony Kroch and Ann Taylor, U of Pennsylvania


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