Ursinus in Florence mmii



the program

      Ursinus in Florence is a chance for Ursinus students to spend a term studying in Florence, Italy.  Students take the normal course load, and may choose among a variety of courses, some of which are taught by local instructors (e.g., Conversational Italian) and others by Ursinus faculty who have accompanied the group to Florence.  Typically two Ursinus faculty accompany the group.  In Florence student housing is provided in two forms; students may live with local families, or groups of students may share an apartment.  The program is coordinated and locally supervised by CAPA (Center for Academic Programs Abroad).  CAPA is responsible for arranging living arrangements for faculty and students, for providing classroom space, and for all other support services.  CAPA is an international service organization based in the United States which has local centers in areas such as Europe, and Australia.  Wherever there is a CAPA program, there is a staff of local professionals dedicated to ensuring that the program runs smoothly and that the health and welfare of the participants is ensured.



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