Who is the GSA?

The Ursinus Gay-Straight Alliance is an organization on campus that seeks to promote love, acceptance and equality among all students, but especially those of the LGBTQA community. To do so, we seek to provide a supportive community atmosphere to members and allies of the community, as well as engage in gay-rights activism on campus.

Our primary activities throughout the year are regular gay movie nights and study breaks, National Coming out Day and National Day of Silence, the Wellness Fair and AIDs Awareness Day. All of campus is welcome.

We also run a blog that can be found in the news section and encourage contribution from GSA members in the development of the website. For more information, contact Emily White at her Ursinus e-mail account (standard student formatting).

At Large and In Charge in 2008

The Faculty Advisers

  • Dr. Domenick Scudera
  • Dr. Greg Weight

Student Leadership

  • Ryan Sullivan (President)
  • Jamie Baird (Vice President)
  • Emily White (Treasurer)
  • Michelle Klaw (Secretary)


post date Event Details
10.24.2008 Infrastructure Complete

All links should point to the correct page, but the content will probably still be absent. A little bit of it should be up by the end of the weekend.

10.22.2008 New Website! Emily takes back control of the website!