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Jeremy is an intern from West Chester University. He is the strength and conditioning coach here at Ursinus. He has been in the health and fitness field for 5 years, now doing private home training to the director of fitness Club La Maison in Wayne PA. He is now completing a Bachelor degree in Health and fitness at West Chester. He also is and open level racquetball player in PA. He has been playing for ten years. 

Jeremy Workman
(Jeremy's internship was completed on April 30th.  We appreciate all his help and we wish him much success in the profession.)

The remainder of the Fitness Center Staff is made up of Ursinus College students.  The current employees of the fitness center are:

Laura Borsdorf Ph.D.
Professor of Exercise and Sport Science Classes
Fitness Center Coordinator
Coordinates all facets of the facility including personnel, program implementation, and management.

Jeff Schepers
Head Gymnastics Coach
In charge of Fitness Center Payroll
and helps with staff supervision and hiring.

Joshua Barr
Jadie Carroll
Mike Dale
Jenn Fouse
Kevin Hankins
Andell Lewis
Julie Lowell
Tara Lucas
Jessica Mackey
Amy Mancuso
Dan McGovern
John Mohl
Katie Mullen
Brett Newswanger
Megan Peck
Dennis Ondrejik
Roseana Perez
Russell Sarault
Lindsey SchaeferBurke
Thomas Shaughnessy
Nicole Silversteen
Vaneesha Vallabh