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  • Column Care and Practice

    Compound Information

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  • 16-component mixture
  • Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon Information from NIST.
  • Gas Chromatography

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  • General Biochemistry and Medical Chemistry

    General Chemistry

    General Chromatography

  • LC GC page
  • Contains HPLC Troubleshooting tips, links to other chromatographic sites, and books on chromatography.
  • Chromatography Discussion Group
  • McDowall, R.D. "Where Did That Peak Come From?" LC GC. 15(6), 1997, 530-533. {Williamsen collection}
  • General Spectroscopy

    HPLC Operation

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  • Liquid Crystals in Chromatography

  • Liquid Crystal information site from University of Hamburg
  • Username and Password are needed; get from me
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  • Modeling

    Measuring Column Efficiency

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  • Nomenclature

    On-line Abstract Services

    Perfluorinated Stationary Phases


    Statistical Tests

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  • Syringes

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  • Temperature Control - HPLC


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  • Naphthalene/1-nitronaphthalene test
  • Theses and Papers

  • Tam, Ruby. "4-Methoxyphenyl-4-Allyloxybenzoate as a Stationary Phase for Reverse-Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography." Master's Thesis, San Jose State University, August 1995. {Williamsen office}
  • Contains information on the synthesis of 4-methoxyphenyl-4-allyloxybenzoate (MPAB) and cholesteryl 10-undecenoate.
  • Toxicology Information

    Writing in Science

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