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Chemical and Biochemical Mössbauer Spectroscopy


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Associate Professor of Chemistry


Physical Chemistry and Biochemistry,

Bioinorganic spectroscopy, Biophysics,

Mössbauer/EPR Spectroscopy

Research in the Popescu lab is centered on the chemistry of some life processes involving iron, such as hydrogen activation and biological oxidation. We study aspects of the mechanism, structures of the intermediates and model complexes. The bulk of our experimental work involves Mössbauer and EPR spectroscopy. Our Mössbauer spectroscopy laboratory was established in 2004 with funds from an NSF-MRI grant (Popescu, 2004-07).  We have been fortunate to be hosted often by Professors Eckard Münck and Michael Hendrich and their lab members during research visits to Carnegie Mellon University, where we record high-field Mössbauer and EPR spectra and have also been learning more spectroscopy.

   The following are the three current interdisciplinary projects, which are pursued with undergraduates at Ursinus and funding from NSF (NSF-RUI 2010-13, renewed in 2013).  Other exciting projects are in various degrees of planning or accomplishment.  For the latter, see our publications.

1. The study of novel complexes that aim to model the active site of hydrogenase enzymes.

2. Characterization of novel Fe(I) and other unusual bio-inspired complexes.

3. Studies of the dual-function enzyme dehaloperoxidase (DHP) from Amphitrite ornata.

4. Studies of model complexes of Fe(III)-radical model complexes for aminophenol oxidases.

These projects combine spectroscopic characterization of iron bio-inspired complexes with the analysis of enzyme active sites, calculations and biochemical characterization of enzymes, such as DHP.  These collaborative projects involve world-class scientists, both synthetic chemists and biochemists, from University of Delaware, Texas A&M, Marquette University and North Carolina State University (Raleigh).  For details, please follow the links on the right.

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