These are the verbs that will trip you up. They look passive (take the passive endings) but translate as active. Attached is a list of common deponent verbs. To conjugate, you still use the second principal part, but drop the –ri. Third conjugation still does the funny things.

NB: There are NO passive forms for these verbs


First conjugation     conor     conari

Conor I try                 conabar I was trying         conabor I will try

Conaris                      conabaris                          conaberis

Conatur                      conabatur                        conabitur

Conamur                     conabamur                       conabimur

Conamini                     conabamini                      conabimini

Conantur                     conabantur                       conabuntur

Second Conjugation    vereor   vereri

Vereor I fear                 verebar I was fearing         verebor I will fear

Vereris etc.                   verebaris etc.                    vereberis etc.

Veretur                         verebatur                           verebitur

Veremur                       verebamur                          verebimur

Veremini                       verebamini                         verebimini

Verentur                       verebantur                          verebuntur

Third conjugation   labor   labi

(think of "labi" as "laberi")

Labor I slip                     labebar I was slipping         labar I will slip

Laberis etc.                     labebaris etc.                      laberis etc.

Labitur                            labebatur                            labetur

Labimur                          labebamur                           labemur

Labimini                          labebamini                           labemini

Labuntur                          labebantur                          labentur

Fourth Conjugation     orior   oriri

Orior I rise                         oriebar I was rising             oriar I will rise

Oriris etc.                           oriebaris etc.                      orieris etc.

Oritur                                 oriebatur                             orietur

Orimur                                oriebamur                           oriemur

Orimini                               oriebamini                           oriemini

Oriuntur                              oriebantur                           orientur