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Third Declension Nouns: give genitive singular, gender and meaning

Fill in endings, first and second declension.

First and second declension, present tense

Nouns, singular and plural. First and second declension.

More singular to plural- nouns and verbs

Third declension nouns and personal pronouns

Fourth declension nouns and verbs in the imperfect tense

More fourth declension nouns, imperfect verbs and adjective-noun agreement


Present tense, conjugation and recognition.

Present Tense: form in Latin

Present Tense, translation of active and passive


Comparative and Superlative adjectives: recognition and formation.

Comparative and Superlative sentences- translation quiz

Adjective/Noun Agreement: 1st and 2nd declension adjectives

Adjective/noun Agreement: 1st and 2nd Declension adjectives


Sentences: Simple translation

Fill ins: hic and ille, places

Four week quiz for CL110 (Queensland) Verbs, adj/nouns, translation

A similar four week quiz (early work for beginners)