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  Phi Kappa Sigma
          Delta Rho Chapter - Ursinus College

Chartered on April 27, 2002, the Delta Rho chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma was the first, and 1 of only 3 international fraternities at Ursinus College. We are the only one with the core values of Trust, Honor, Respect, Knowledge, Wisdom, Integrity, and Responsibility.

With 25 active brothers at Ursinus, 1,600 other active brothers across the USA and Canada and 44,000 alumni worldwide, the brothers of 
Phi Kappa Sigma are Men of Honor.

Interested in Phi Kappa Sigma? Check out www.becomeaphikap.org.


5/16/14 - Graduation!

Congratulations to Brothers Bermudez-Garcia, Bohrer, Davis, Dougherty, Duncan, Griffith, Kanya, Mooney and Steiner on your graduation from Ursinus! Get out there and show the world what real Phi Kaps can do!

4/26/14 - Family Day!

The semester's almost over, and we need to destress; thankfully, our families are always there to help! After a family barbecue, Chapter presentation and an Ellen-style selfie, the Brothers are ready to take on Finals Week!

4/12/14 - Delta Rho Formal

It's the classiest night of the year - Delta Rho Formal! The Valley Forge Casino proved to be an excellent venue, making for a wonderful night!

4/7/2014 - Alumnus of the Year

In recognition of both his continued devotion to the Chapter as well as his academic and professional excellence, Delta Rho has voted Brother Jason Mullins '12 our Alumnus of the Year. Congratulations, Jason!

4/6/2014 - Sausagefest!

To kick off Greek Week, Delta Rho hosted a barbecue that was open to the entire campus. Props to Robert Durst (Psi) and Louis Mueller (Delta) for helping put this fun event into action!

3/29/14 - Airband Victors Once Again!

You asked, and we delivered - the Phi Kaps have won Airband for the fifth year running!  Check out the winning act here (sorry guys, no Genesis this year!)

2/14/14 - Valentine's Day

The Brothers of Delta Rho and the lovely ladies of Phi Alpha Psi enjoyed a pasta dinner together in celebration of Valentine's Day. Couldn't have asked for a better night!

2/2/14 - Super Bowl Time

The semester's only just begun - what better way to kick it off than with wings, pizza and the Super Bowl?

11/24/2013 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though Thanksgiving's not for another few days, Delta Rho couldn't help but express how thankful they are for their friends and Brothers at Ursinus. A Thanksgiving dinner cooked by the Brothers seemed the most appropriate, and couldn't have been any better!

11/24/2013 - Election Time

Delta Rho has finally elected their new officers! Check out our "Brothers" page to see our new leaders. The Chapter's in good hands!

10/18/2013 - Sixteen New Brothers!

We're finally done - Congratulations to the newest Brothers of Delta Rho!

10/9/2013 - Never Forget

Never forget.

                               Stellis Aequus Durando -- Equal to the Stars in Endurance.